Kaneka Corporation Of Japan Announces Completion Of Additional Expansion Of Coenzyme Q10 Production Facilities At Takasago, Japan Plant

Kaneka Corporation of Osaka, Japan, announced today that it has completed the planned expansion of its CoQ10 facilities in Takasago, Japan, and has begun commercial shipment of KanekaQ10™ to customers after meeting the required pharmaceutical validations and safety confirmation of its production facility. This new expansion brings Kaneka’s annual CoQ10 production capacity in Japan from 150 metric tons to 180 metric tons, an expansion needed in order to meet steadily increasing CoQ10 demand worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Kaneka Nutrients L.P., in Pasadena, Texas, a fully owned subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation of Japan, is currently building a new CoQ10 plant with an annual production capacity of 100 metric tons. This Phase I construction, although affected by two recent hurricanes, is expected to be completed by the summer of 2006, thus enabling Kaneka to better meet the strong increase in CoQ10 consumption both in the United States market and in the Japanese and other worldwide markets.

Because of this trend, Kaneka is now planning further expansion of its CoQ10 production capacity in both of its U.S. and Japanese facilities.

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Kaneka Corporation phone: +81-6-6226-5403
Kaneka Nutrients L.P. phone: +1-281-291-4489
Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. phone: +32-2-663-0340

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