Kaneka Nutrients Names Alliance Principle Ingredients Its Exclusive Canadian Representative

Will expand distribution for the leading form of CoQ10 (KanekaQ10(TM)) to manufacturers

March 6, 2007 – Surrey, B.C. – Kaneka Nutrients L.P. has named Alliance Principle Ingredients as its Canadian representative for its line of ingredients used in dietary supplements. Kaneka Nutrients L.P. products that will be available from Alliance include KanekaQ10(TM), the leading form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) worldwide. The partnership allows Alliance Principle Ingredients to market and sell Kaneka Nutrients L.P. products to the Canadian marketplace.
“Kaneka has led the CoQ10 category for over 30 years and shares similar philosophies as Alliance,” says Mark Greenhalgh, president of Alliance Principle

Ingredients. “These principles include marketing ingredients supported by safety and clinical studies as well as manufacturing under GMP guidelines.”

Kaneka pioneered the CoQ10 category and has completed numerous studies supporting the need for CoQ10 in human health. CoQ10 is a powerful, fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance found naturally in all forms of animal life. It is synthesized in the membranes of cells in humans and is vital to the production of energy. It is the power plant of the body that is found in most cells, with especially high concentration in the heart, the organ that requires high levels of energy for normal operation.

“We’re extremely pleased to have Alliance Principle Ingredients representing Kaneka Nutrients L.P. in Canada,” says Tom Schrier, national sales manager for Kaneka Nutrients L.P. “With the opening of our U.S.-based CoQ10 manufacturing facility, there is no shortage of CoQ10 supply and KanekaQ10 offers manufacturers the best option for high quality, safety and reliability.”

Studies demonstrate CoQ10 effectiveness

Thousands of studies have been completed showing the beneficial effects of CoQ10. In fact, most of these studies utilized KanekaQ10™ as their CoQ10 of choice. CoQ10 studies have shown benefit for heart health, mental health, diabetes, immunity and periodontal disease to name a few. In addition the relationship of CoQ10 and statin drugs is well established. Statins are arguably the most effective class of drugs ever created for lowering cholesterol.

However, according to the Physicians' Desk Reference, an estimated 0.5% to 2.3% of patients who use statins have problems that may include liver dysfunction, general muscle myopathies (muscle aching or muscle weakness) and congestive heart failure. Research has proven that the process by which statins lower cholesterol simultaneously lowers the body’s level of CoQ10. Therefore, if an individual is taking statins, it may be necessary for he/she to talk to a doctor about increasing CoQ10 levels by eating the right foods or taking a CoQ10 supplement.
KanekaQ10™ is natural CoQ10, manufactured by yeast fermentation
KanekaQ10™ is the only CoQ10 produced naturally using yeast fermentation technology. Other manufacturing methods are based on either bacteria fermentation or a synthetic method. KanekaQ10™ is produced according to Kaneka’s own high-standard quality assurance system based on pharmaceutical GMPs. It has been given self-affirmed GRAS status, is free of raw materials originated from animals, is a GMO free product and has Kosher Certification.
For information about Kaneka Nutrients L.P. products offered by Alliance Principle Ingredients, contact Alliance Principle Ingredients at (604) 576-1130.

About Kaneka
Kaneka Corporation of Japan is a $4 billion producer of chemical products including PVC resins, pharmaceutical intermediates, electrical materials, food supplements, synthetic fibers and fine chemicals. Kaneka, with its headquarters in Osaka/Tokyo, Japan, has 30 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan and
16 subsidiaries outside Japan. KanekaQ10™ is marketed by Kaneka Nutrients L.P., with manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in Pasadena, Texas. For more information about KanekaQ10™, visit www.kanekaQ10.com.

About Alliance Principle Ingredients
Alliance Principle Ingredients was founded in 1991 as Chem-West Sales Ltd. Today Alliance Principle Ingredients provides ingredients to vitamin manufacturers throughout Canada. Ingredient manufacturers represented by Alliance include Kaneka Nutrients, Cargill Acidulants brand Regenasure Glucosamine, Flamma, Indena and Kemin Health (makers of FloraGLO Lutein). For information about products offered by Alliance Principle Ingredients, contact Alliance Principle Ingredients at (604) 576-1130 or visit www.allianceingredients.com.

For more information, contact:

Mark Greenhalgh
Alliance Principle Ingredients
(604) 576-1130

– or –

Thomas Schrier
Kaneka Nutrients L.P.
(281) 291-4489

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