Kathryn Ford, Tenured Sales Manager, Joins Acatris USA

Minneapolis, MN – Kathryn Ford, seasoned sales manager, joins Acatris USA, formerly Schouten USA, as Western Sales Manager serving California, Utah, and Arizona. With over thirty years of experience in the nutrition products industry, Ms. Ford brings extensive research and development skills along with an in-depth understanding of human nutrition to current and potential customers.

During the 1970’s Ms. Ford worked primarily as a medical sales representative selling directly to hospitals. She interacted with physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, and other healthcare professionals selling products such as wound care kits, disposable medical products, and enteral nutrition products. In the 80’s she worked with Mead Johnson responsible for infant formula and adult nutritional sales. Until 1997, Ms. Ford was a National Medical Sales Manager for Nutricia Inc., selling soy-based formulas and most recently, she was the Western Region Sales Manager for DMV International Nutritionals specializing in hydrolyzed soy and milk proteins, caseinates, and bioactive peptides. “All of these companies have provided me with excellent product and sales training. In addition, I’ve had extensive training in human nutrition and how different nutrients affect the human body.”

Ms. Ford initially plans on spending much of her time with R&D, “I look forward to being Acatris’ new company representative selling SoyLife®, FenuLifeTM, and other new ingredients to the research and product development people. It’s my goal to assist them in any way that I can that would enhance the growth of their company.”

What does Kathryn do in her free time? “My job doesn’t end at 5:00. I spend part of my evenings reading countless publications updating myself on the latest trends, newest product applications, and looking for creative ideas that I can bring to my customers.” Kathryn will fit in well with Acatris’ team and their philosophy, which delivers a professional work ethic, quality, and efficacious ingredients, and complete customer assistance from the conception of a new product application to the final market launch of that product.

“I’m very excited to join a company like Acatris with the reputation they have and with the diversity of people who have backgrounds in nutrition, marketing, and research. I can see that this team will be able to drive rapid growth for both our customers and ourselves.” Contact Ms. Ford at P: 949-597-8418; F: 949-597-8419; E: kathryn.ford@us.acatris.com.

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