Kathy’s Family Introduces Certified Organic Mango Butter Hand & Body Lotion

Plainfield, MA – For the increasing number of consumers associating organic and natural personal care products with health and well-being for themselves and the environment, Kathy's Family is proud to introduce new Organic Mango Butter Hand & Body Lotion. The use of 87.5% certified organic ingredients, fresh aromatherapy-grade essential oil blends and the lack of parabens and synthetic ingredients, makes this new lotion remarkable in purity, appearance and efficacy.

Organic Mango Butter Hand & Body Lotion is the latest addition to the company's popular new Read Our Ingredients line. Like every Kathy's Family product, the new lotion is made from carefully selected, mild and nourishing botanicals, pure plants, essential oils and extracts, clays, herbs, flowers, grains, honey and organic ingredients whenever available.

Certified Organic Mango Butter Hand & Body Lotion is loaded with natural ingredients including potassium sorbate, a natural preservative, that makes it non-oily, quickly absorbed and long lasting. A high concentration of organic mango and shea butters protect the skin against environmental aging and improves skin elasticity. Its organic anti-oxidant rich apricot kernel oil is extremely effective on dry or mature skin.

Organic hemp oil is high in healthy essential fatty acids and is an effective anti-aging skin treatment that reduces inflammation of the skin and joints. Other ingredients include organic extracts of chamomile, rose-hips, nettle, horsetail, sage and lavender, vegetable emulsifying wax, organic oils of coconut, soybean and sweet almond, organic aloe leaf juice, steam distilled essential oils, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract and vitamin E.

It is offered in two aromatherapy scents - Geranium Mango and Rosemary Mango. The calming effect of geranium and its woodsy fragrance soothes anxiety and tension. Rosemary is stimulating and offers antimicrobial and toning properties with an herby therapeutic fragrance.

"We knew we created the purest lotion out there when the results came back from the independent lab," says Kathy Swanson, company founder. "They were impressed with the stability of our preservative system and shocked to find out that we use potassium sorbate, a natural preservative, instead of chemicals. The synergistic combination of the potassium sorbate and the other botanicals has yielded the best lotion ever," adds Swanson.

Since the lotion is very concentrated, Swanson suggests applying a small amount to hands and body. It is also an effective cuticle treatment. For healthy hair and scalp, Swanson recommends massaging into hands as usual followed by casually running fingers through hair for a quick body and shine pick me up.

The lotion is sold in 8.5 ounce recyclable containers for a suggested retail price of $15.95. Kathy’s Family products are available at a growing number of stores across the country and through the company's website. For more information, please visit http://www.kathys-family.com or call toll-free at 1-866-634-0008.

The new Read Our Ingredients collection features a list of the ingredients on the front of the packaging to make it easier for consumers to know what they are purchasing for and feeding their skin. The pure and simple ingredients are inspired by Swanson's Minnesota prairie family, their wholesome lifestyle and basic down to earth values of honesty and hard work.

The labels of the new Read Our Ingredients line read like a favorite recipe, not a chemistry textbook. "It's about time consumers get the information upfront that they need to make their buying decisions easier," says Swanson when asked why they chose to feature the ingredients on the front of the label. "Our unique approach emphasizes the high quality, originality and integrity customers have come to expect from Kathy's Family," she added

Read Our Ingredients, the new sub-brand, also includes a Bath Soak, Bodywash and Massage & Body Oil. All of these products are offered in Rosemary and Geranium essential oil scents in recyclable containers.

All of the personal care products offered by Kathy’s Family are: vegetarian; made with certified organic ingredients; rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins; produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness; biodegradable and packaged in reusable or recyclable containers. Their products will never contain: artificial colors, flavors or synthetic fragrances; ingredients that are tested on or derived from animals; sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate; alcohol; harsh preservatives; parabens or petroleum fillers such as propylene glycol or mineral oil.

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