Kathy's Family Launches Bodywash Gels

Made with Organic Ingredients as Wholesome and Sensible as the Swanson Family that Inspired Them

Plainfield, MA – Kathy's Family's new thick, rich, 100% natural Bodywash Gels leave skin feeling silky and nourished. The new Bodywash Gels are loaded with healthy organic ingredients and contain no synthetic detergents, sodium lauryl, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, artificial colors, flavors or synthetic fragrances, ingredients that are tested on animals, alcohol, harsh preservatives or petroleum fillers such as propylene glycol and mineral oil.

Inspired by the honest integrity of their father's Minnesota prairie family that raised Kathy Swanson and her brother Dale after they lost their mother at an early age, Kathy and her brother Dale's Bodywash pays tribute to the Swanson family and is part of a collection of pure and effective natural and organic bodycare products. Each Kathy's Family product contains a highly concentrated blend of carefully selected botanicals, pure plant essential oils and extracts, clays, herbs, flowers, grains and honey. They also contain certified organic ingredients, are vegetarian, rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, biodegradable and packaged in reusable or recyclable containers.

To make the Bodywash Gels, Kathy's Family uses a hand blended aloe castile-style liquid soap base with a special extract of vegetable gums in glycerin, a natural alternative to the chemical-laden detergent formulas found in the mainstream marketplace today. Known for their mildness, castile soaps were developed 300 years ago in "La Castilia" region of Spain by master soap makers that brewed natural liquid soaps from a mixture of olive and coconut oils and herbs.

These exceptional ingredients and formulations are enhanced by a presentation that highlights a lifestyle and values that people can embrace. Kathy makes the passion for her heritage apparent in the new line of Bodywash Gels. By using labels filled with witty anecdotes, descriptions of real farm family members and ingredients that shout “good for you”, customers not only get a great product, they also become active participants in the lives of the large family from outside the town of Tyler, Minnesota (pop. 1,157).

The photo of Kathy and Dale covered with mud with hands in the air in front of their airstream trailer says it all. Although Kathy and her brother Dale's Bodywash Gel was inspired by really dirty kids, it is also great for everybody else too. "We had to stand in the corner for getting so dirty, but first they had to take a picture," says Kathy Swanson, Founder of Kathy's Family. "Our products are never tested on animals although I remember my Mom calling us little pigs," add Swanson with a smile.

Kathy and her brother Dale's Bodywash Gel leaves skin clean and moisturized thanks to the natural and organic (70%) ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera and Rich Vegetable Glycerin that cleanse without drying the skin and make the soap gentle enough for daily, long term use on the most sensitive skin. Other features include 100% certified organic oils, fresh aromatherapy grade essential oil blends that stimulate pores and senses and certified organic alfalfa extract and vegetable glycerin which nourishes and conditions the skin.

Like all of the other products in Kathy's Family's flagship line, "Good Honest Products and People", the Bodywash Gels are available in three simple, earthy and authentic aromatherapy essential oil blends. "Early to Rise" Citrus is an uplifting blend which invigorates, kills germs, smells good and is delightfully refreshing. "Back to Work" Eucalyptus is an invigorating, cooling blend - as fresh as a fresh snowfall in Minnesota according to Swanson. "Call It A Day" Lavender is a soothing blend which relieves muscular aches and pains, works to reduce inflammation and has antiseptic properties.

The labels on the Bodywash Gels read like a favorite recipe instead of a science experiment. Saponified oils of certified organic olive and coconut, certified organic aloe vera, certified organic alfalfa extract, vegetable gum, vegetable glycerin and pure essential oils complete the list of ingredients. "Early to Rise Citrus" contains essential oils of lemon, lemongrass, organic sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang. "Back to Work Eucalyptus" contains essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, clary sage and rosemary. "Call it a Day Lavender" contains essential oils of lavender and clary sage.

Kathy recommends using a loofah, washcloth or natural sponge for an invigorating sensual cell wake up while giving your skin a healthy glow. In addition to a skin cleanser and moisturizer, the biodegradable Bodywash Gel is also great for camping (washing hands, body, hair and dishes), hand washing linens (leaves garments lightly, freshly scented), shaving (its thick rich lather is a perfect shaving cream) and even washing the dog. "It leaves my dog Max's coat fluffy and shiny and doesn't dry his skin," says Swanson. "He loves the bodywash as long as the bath water doesn't come above his knees," she adds.

The Bodywash Gels are a lot like the Swansons: honest, hard working, trustworthy and down to earth. They do what they say they do and they're made with ingredients anyone can pronounce. You can count most of them on one hand, unless you’re a farmer and don’t have all your fingers like some of Kathy’s uncles. They come in three sizes, 8.5 and 16 ounce reusable containers for a suggested retail price of $10.99 and $13.99 and an earth-friendly 1 gallon refill size for $79 (a 40% savings).

Kathy’s Family products are available at a growing number of stores across the country and at www.kathys-family.com. For more information call toll-free: 1-866-634-0008 or send a note to [email protected].

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