Kemin Foods Receives Japanese Patent for Lutein Purification Process

DES MOINES, IOWA, August 2001– Kemin® Foods, L.C., recently earned additional patent protection in Japan for the FloraGLO® lutein purification process. Kemin now has two Japanese patents (2,790,212 and 3,190,686) for its FloraGLO lutein. Already patented in the U.S., Australia, Germany, and the European Union, this process is used to manufacture purified crystal lutein and zeaxanthin, the same form of the nutrient found in fruits and dark, leafy green vegetables that acts as an antioxidant.

“Kemin Foods is making every effort to protect the supplement consumer by ensuring purified lutein is readily available, “ says Rodney L. Ausich, Ph.D., Kemin Foods president. “The Japanese patent is just another step in the company’s worldwide efforts to ensure the health promoting benefits of this natural antioxidant are available to consumers across the globe.”

FloraGLO lutein is available in more than 75 multivitamins and dietary supplements worldwide. Kemin’s patents assure FloraGLO is the only concentrated, purified lutein for vitamins/dietary supplement, personal care/cosmetic, and food/beverage applications.

Kemin Foods, L.C. is a global manufacturer and marketer of natural antioxidant ingredients for the food, dietary supplement and personal care markets.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, the company is part of Kemin Worldwide, which has manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Texas, Belgium, India, Singapore, and Thailand. FloraGLO lutein is available in Japan from Koyo Mercantile, headquartered in Tokyo. To find out more about Kemin Foods and FloraGLO brand lutein, visit

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