Kemin launches natural flavor for stabilizing frying oil

Kemin launches natural flavor for stabilizing frying oil

Kemin introduces GT-FORT —a natural flavor that can be an alternative to synthetic antioxidants and tocopherols commonly used in frying oils.

Kemin <> introduces GT-FORT™—a natural flavor that can be an alternative to synthetic antioxidants and tocopherols commonly used in frying oils. GT-FORT is a green tea-based water-soluble liquid extract that is oil dispersible and effectively slows the deterioration of frying oil, reducing oxidative rancidity even at high temperatures.
The simultaneous heat and mass transfer of oil, food and air during deep fat frying produces the unique characteristics of fried foods. This process also creates chemical reactions that change the physical and chemical properties of fried oil, negatively affecting the flavor stability, texture and nutritional quality of fried foods.
The unique multi-stage green tea extraction process used to manufacture GT-FORT maximizes the polyphenols that provide effective antioxidant properties, which delay oxidation in a variety of fried food applications.
“Our research demonstrates that GT-FORT performs as well as the synthetic ingredients commonly used to stabilize frying oils,” said Dr. Will Schroeder, research and development director for Kemin's Food Technologies division. “When tested in palm oil used to create instant noodles and French fries, GT-FORT worked as effectively as synthetics to delay the deterioration of oil, without changing the flavor profile.”
Dr. Schroeder will present research comparing the effectiveness of green tea extract, rosemary extract and TBHQ in delaying oxidation of frying oil at the 102nd American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. The presentation, “Evaluation of Natural Rosemary and Green Tea Extracts on Frying Performance of RBD Palm Oil”, is part of the Lipid Oxidation Challenges and Potential Solutions in Food Systems II session on Monday, May 2.
GT-FORT formulations are available in North America and the Philippines with formulations currently being developed for use in other regions worldwide.
Kemin – Inspired Molecular Solutions™
Founded in 1961, Kemin Industries <> is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of providing “inspired molecular solutions” specifically developed to provide nutrition and health benefits for humans and animals. Kemin manufactures and distributes approximately 500 specialty ingredients worldwide to the feed and food industries as well as to the health, nutrition and beauty markets. Kemin ingredients positively impact more than 1.3 billion people a day.

A global, privately held corporation headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa (USA), Kemin has experienced double-digit growth in the last several years. The company has more than 1,200 employees and operates in 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

About Kemin Food Technologies
Kemin Food Technologies <> provides market-driven solutions for the food industry’s toughest challenges. Kemin scientists specialize in identifying and developing both natural and synthetic molecules that help food look great, taste delicious, remain safe and stay fresh longer. These superior solutions come with patented manufacturing processes, unparalleled global technical and laboratory support.

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