KeVita Probiotic Drinks continues its retail expansion in Northeast

KeVita Probiotic Drinks continues its retail expansion in Northeast

KeVita Probiotics Drinks rollout into natural grocers nationwide with expansion into Wegmans Stores throughout the Northeast.

KeVita Probiotics Drinks, a fast-rising leader in the natural, organic probiotic movement, continues its rollout into natural grocers nationwide with new distribution channels in Wegmans Stores throughout the Northeast.

As trends point out, probiotics are right up there with Omega-3's as the hottest selling Dietary supplement out there.1 Consumers are demanding these in stores and are spending upwards of billions of dollars annually on probiotics.

The industry has experienced an increase in probiotic sales of 37—percent in one year alone.2 What better way to get your daily dose than with a gluten-, dairy-, soy-. Free refreshing drink option, like KeVita.

“Our delicious dairy-free cultured drink is blended with organic fruit purees and fermented to perfection to create a truly refreshingly delicious beverage,” said William Moses, co-founder and CEO of KeVita.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a strong retailer, like Wegmans, who sees the potential of our product. We look forward to a successful launch into their stores.” With six great flavors to choose from, KeVita's superdrink is helping to fuel the probiotic drink movement, a culture that is taking on an identity of its own.

KeVita is quickly becoming a refreshment of choice as today’s conscious consumers seek out healthy and beneficial alternatives to the sugary, 'empty calorie' choices frequently found on retail shelves.

KeVita is manufactured in a state-of-the-art, sustainable certified organic plant located in Southern Calif. Each of the six flavors offered by the company has a delightful flavor blend with more probiotics than kombucha and yogurt.

For more information, visit the website at or join them on Facebook.

About KeVita™ Probiotic Drinks

KeVita™ is a collection of non-dairy probiotic superdrinks that are quickly becoming a top probiotic drink brand among The active, conscious consumer. KeVita ferments its original certified organic culture with L-paracacei probiotic. The Combination of organic fruit purees, coconut water or teas creates a tantalizing taste that packs a boost of digestive—enhancing probiotics. KeVita is made using locally grown Ingredients whenever possible. KeVita employs state-of-the-art sustainable manufacturing methods in their Certified Organic plant in Ventura California.

KeVita currently offers six delightful flavors and has nationwide distribution through various independent and national retailers. Read more about KeVita at

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