KGK SYNERGIZE INC. Completes Equity Private Placement to Fund Product Development

LONDON, ON, Nov 28, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- KGK Synergize Inc. ("KGK"), a life science product development and contract research business focused on nutraceuticals, today announced it has successfully closed a private placement of common equity capital. The new funds will be deployed to accelerate the commercialization process for its emerging nutraceutical product technologies. Terms of the private placement are not disclosed.

"We already have one patented product technology commercialized, Sytrinol(R) for cholesterol management; and these fresh funds position KGK to complete the comprehensive testing required to get three more of our emerging, patent-pending products to market. These science-based nutraceuticals are going to generate significant health benefits to many of those suffering from, or concerned about the on-set of, Type II Diabetes; to consumers worried about Melanoma and the damaging effects of the sun on their skin; and to those seeking to protect themselves from developing Prostate, Colon and Skin Cancers," advised CEO and co-founder, Najla Guthrie.

"Getting these new, patent-pending nutraceutical products into consumers' hands safely and quickly is our highest priority," Ms. Guthrie added.

About KGK Synergize Inc:
KGK's core areas of expertise are focused on providing preventative and/or treatment solutions for Cardiovascular Health (including cholesterol management) Type II Diabetes, Skin-Care & Anti-Aging as well as some forms of Cancer utilizing scientifically proven nutraceutical product technologies. To date, the Company has received 3 US and international patents with more than 20 patent applications pending.

The Company's first product to be commercialized is Sytrinol(TM), a patented and clinically proven cholesterol-lowering nutraceutical formulation, currently under exclusive license to a US based marketing and distribution firm as a dietary supplement. Now emerging from KGK's product pipeline are 3 more patent-pending nutraceutical product technologies focused on Type II Diabetes prevention, Skin-Care & Anti-Aging enhancements, as well as a natural preventative for some forms of Prostate, Colon and Skin Cancers.

In addition to its product development capabilities, KGK operates a well-known and successful contract research business focused on nutraceuticals, offering a full range of preclinical and clinical research services to a global client base.

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