KGK Synergize Purchases LC/MS/MS, Expanding Services Offered To Their Clientele

London, Ont. – February 2, 2005 - KGK Synergize Inc. (KGK) has purchased a brand new LC/MS/MS, Varian Model #1200L, allowing the company to expand its services offered to their current and prospective contract research clientele. “The addition of the LC/MS/MS to our vast array of current analytical tools and equipment will expand KGK’s analytical capabilities to include the identification and quantification of drugs, polysaccharides, peptides, proteins, vitamins, steroids, pesticides, toxins, and more,” states Robert Guthrie, VP, Operations. “In addition, it will also facilitate quicker analysis of samples from KGK’s ongoing and forthcoming clinical trials.”

“The high throughput nature of this instrument will allow us to deliver quality results with a faster analytical turnaround time,” states Joshua Baisley, Laboratory Manager. “The 1200L has been upgraded with two autosamplers including a refrigerated autosampler for both high throughput and stability of test samples.” The instrument was installed earlier this week at KGK’s laboratory and is currently up and running. The equipment can be used as an LC or stand alone MS capable of running in single quadropole or triple quadropole capacity.

KGK Synergize provides contract research services in the areas of nutraceutical research, analytical chemistry, immunology, toxicology, autoimmune diseases, etc. and clinical trials.


For further information on KGK Synergize Inc., contact Kristen Reynolds at 519-438-9374 Ext. 222 or [email protected].

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