KIRIN Tropicana Launches “Green Tropicana ‘Kudamono to Fruits Nyusankin’” with Fruit-Derived Lactic Acid Bacilli

On 16 September 2008, KIRIN Tropicana Inc. will launch “Kudamono to Fruits Nyusankin (Vegetable and Fruit Lactic Acid Bacilli)”, containing a blend of fruit and health ingredients. The product will be released under the concept “Health and Wellness” from the new Green Tropicana brand and will be priced at JPY 150 per 350 ml bottle. The product will be the third that has been released as part of the Green Tropicana series of fruit juice/lactic acid bacilli blended drinks, which first went on sale this March. The product contains a sterilized milk beverage fermented using pineapple-derived lactic acid bacilli.

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