Kiss That Fishy Taste Goodbye! Nordic Naturals Introduces Liquid Fish Oils in Peach, Orange and Lemon!

Watsonville, California (May 9, 2003) Nordic Naturals, Inc. announced today its next exciting innovation in flavored fish oil supplementation: 4 new products to drink your EFAs the delicious way!

Peachy Keen Cod Liver Oil for Kids – 4 oz. bottle; packaged just for children
Peach Cod Liver Oil – 8 oz. bottle; also available in orange flavor
Complete Liquid – 4 oz. bottle; Nordic Naturals’ Complete Omega Formula now in liquid
Omega 3 Liquid – 4 oz. bottle; Nordic Naturals’ Omega-3 Formula now in liquid

“The introduction of these new products shows our commitment to those folks that wish take their fish oils the traditional way – in liquid form and not by capsule,” says Corinna Benoit, National Sales Manager for Nordic Naturals. “Now these consumers will be offered oils of a much higher quality – guaranteed to be free from heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins and rancidity in natural flavors peach, orange and lemon.” Safe for kids and older adults, the company guarantees that all products are true pharmaceutical grade passing strict purity and freshness standards set by European Pharmacopoeia and Norwegian Medicinal. Using a molecular distillation process, Nordic’s products are free from impurities and exceed the FDA purity level for heavy metals by 400 times. Plus the company’s nitrogen manufacturing environment delivers the highest freshness value in the industry. Each bottle provides 48 servings. Corinna adds, “Time to get out the teaspoons again because our liquids are outrageously delicious with no fishy taste or repeat … we’ll change the way you feel about fish oil!”

Nordic Naturals is a leading manufacturer and provider of omega 3 essential fatty acids in the dietary supplement and medical industries. The company offers both a retail line and a professional line of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils specializing in formulas for children, women and specific high concentration products as well as detox products. Actively involved in education, the company is a member of the Omega-3 Research Institute and is often asked to participate in independent research studies.


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