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Kraft extends Wheat Thin STIX line

Kraft Foods, Incorporated introduced two new varieties to its Wheat Thin STIX. The two new flavors are Cinnamon Kick and Chipotle Pepper.

Kraft Foods, Incorporated introduced, just last month, two new varieties to its Wheat Thin STIX. The two new flavors are Cinnamon Kick and Chipotle Pepper.

These Wheat Thin STIX are sold under the Nabisco® brand and are considered one of last year’s favorite snack foods. STIX are basically wheat snack sticks baked until they are perfectly crunchy to eat. What makes this thin snack a hit to consumers is its toasted whole grain taste, its uncommon shape and the flavors that it has. Although the most popular STIX flavor currently is Honey Wheat, snack lovers may soon discover that these two new STIX flavors also present a delicious and different treat.

Every serving of this snack food contains 11 grams of whole grains. Every serving contains an average of fourteen sticks, equivalent to 130 calories. A pack of Wheat Thin STIX contains approximately fourteen servings.

The product’s packaging is both unique and interesting, as it reminds you of a Chinese-food hexagonal container. The packaging is has a wide top and a less wide bottom. STIX’s packaging is designed to prevent the hand from getting stuck inside the pack’s lining while drawing out a handful of these thin sticks. This snack product is also convenient as it does not require a plate or a bowl, all that it needs is to open the pack and you can start eating.

STIX’s two new flavors are now available in food retail stores nationwide with a retail price of $3.49 for every 8 ounce pack.

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