Kroeger Herb Products Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Boulder, CO – April 9, 2003 – Kroeger Herb Products, a pioneering leader in the herbal and natural products industry, has announced the celebration of its 25th anniversary and of providing the finest herbal supplements available on the market. The company was formed 25 years ago in Boulder, Colorado by the late Hanna Kroeger, a visionary and renowned herbalist and healer who devoted her entire life to helping people get healthy using natural remedies, many of which were unheard of at the time.

In 1978, there were only a small handful of companies producing herbal supplements, and it was an industry attracting a special few who held a vision of providing people with natural and alternative health choices. Hanna Kroeger, an extremely gifted and forward-thinking individual, was one of those visionaries. Twenty-five years ago, after decades of fine-tuning her herbal recipes, she formed Kroeger Herb Products in the basement of her health food store to keep up with the growing demand for her renowned herbal combinations. She formulated her products to be both physically and energetically balanced.

Standing head and shoulders above the rest, Kroeger Herb Products was always on the cutting edge by combining unique formulations for naturally helping ease health situations not commonly addressed by the natural products industry. These included herbal preparations for candida albicans, fungus, parasites, chemical and metal detoxification, prostate health, low blood sugar levels and much, much more. Today, the company continues to fulfill consumer demand for synergistically balanced, top quality health products that work naturally with the body for optimum benefits.

“Kroeger Herb Products has consistently been on the cutting edge by honoring the values that started the natural products industry” said company president Tom Brown. “Kroeger has always insisted on purity in the strictest sense by not using excipients, flowing agents or harmful solvents in any of its herbal products.” He added, “While Hanna Kroeger is missed by many, her spirit and integrity will always live on in her namesake Kroeger Herb Products.”

To celebrate Hanna’s legacy, the company is launching a May special to distributors of 15% off all herbal products. In addition, throughout the balance of April, Kroeger is offering a spring special of 20% off HRT Alternative Products Black Cohosh Complete Concentrates®, Red Clover Complete Concentrates® and Female Balance™.

The complete line of Kroeger Herb Products includes Complete Concentrates®, Hanna’s Herbal Combinations, Hanna’s Special Teas, Sunny Day Vitamins and New Dimensions Tinctures. Products can be purchased nationally and internationally at health food stores and through various health care practitioners. Each product is 100% natural and manufactured from start to finish on-site at Kroeger Herb Products. The herbs are often organic and handcrafted. Visit for further information.

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Media Contacts:

Susan Westfall Tom Brown
Westfall Communications Kroeger Herbs
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