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KSM-66® introduced to build ashwagandha market through science

KSM-66® introduced to build ashwagandha market through science

Ixoreal Biomed have introduced its KSM-66® Advanced Ashwagandha (KSM-66® Web Site) and are announcing its long-term plans in building a broader market for the Indian botanical ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).  Traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine has effectively utilized the herb ashwagandha for thousands of years covering a range of health conditions.  Even with its traditional success and hundreds of supporting scientific studies, the North American market remains largely undeveloped, thus Ixoreal Biomed have introduced its KSM-66® advanced form of ashwagandha.  
"Ashwagandha is one of the most important and widely used herbs in traditional Indian medicine," said Kartikeya Baldwa, Director for Ixoreal Biomed. "KSM-66® offers an advanced ashwagandha extract that has been clinically studied in humans and offers distinct advantages over ordinary ashwagandha extracts currently used in the North American market."

KSM-66® has been evaluated in five scientific studies defining its role as an adaptogen for healthy stress management.  In each of these studies KSM-66® exhibited a normalizing effect against common physical, chemical and biological stressors.  The first of these studies will be published in 2012 by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry and investigated the efficacy of KSM-66® in 64 healthy adults who were under stress.  The remaining four studies examined KSM-66® and its stress-reducing properties related to energy, infertility, immunity and longevity.  As part of its commitment, Ixoreal Biomed will continue to develop a strong scientific base for ashwagandha.

"We're building a strong scientific base for KSM-66® as a clinically-tested adaptogen.  Even though this application had been known through traditional use, very few studies  

had been conducted prior to our work with KSM-66®," said Baldwa,  "We've committed our company to be the leader in ashwagandha scientific data."

Ixoreal Biomed has also developed a marketing plan to build awareness among both the industry and consumers for KSM-66® and ashwagandha.  These efforts will focus on public relations, web site development, social media and co-marketing initiatives with key customers.

About KSM-66® Ashwagandha

KSM-66® is an advanced form of ashwagandha, an Indian herb utilized for centuries in traditional ayurvedic medicine.  KSM-66® is extracted from the root of the plant and is manufactured utilizing a proprietary process yielding the highest purity of active constituents (withanolides) in the world.  The extraction process is the first known of its kind and utilizes the principles of "green chemistry" making it free of harmful or residual solvents.  Through this unique extraction process, the whole herb and its natural constituents remain intact.  KSM-66® is manufactured conforming to WHO-cGMP and US-FDA GMP standards and is GRAS, vegetarian and Halal certified.  For more information about KSM-66®, contact Kartikeya Baldwa at +91-40-23204385.  

About Ixoreal Biomed Private Limited

Ixoreal Biomed is an herbal extracts and pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Hyderabad, India.  Ixoreal Biomed is focused on achieving scientific excellence and invests heavily in basic research and development.  Ixoreal Biomed product development initiatives integrate modern scientific technologies with traditional ayurvedic concepts incorporating "green chemistry" focused on sustainability.

In keeping with this commitment,  Ixoreal Biomed has introduced KSM-66® Aswagandha for supplement, beverage and functional food manufacturers. 

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