L-Carnitine Plus Q-Gel® Product Receives Verification from USP's Verification Program for Dietary Supplements

Westbury, N.Y. February 7, 2005 - Tishcon Corp., makers of Q-Gel® CoQ10 products, announced today that its Carni Q-Gel Forte has met the rigorous verification process of the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) Verification Program for dietary supplements. Earlier last year Tishcon received USP verification for six of its flagship Q-Gel products.

The USP verification mark will appear on the front panels (labels) of all seven products.

USP is a not-for-profit organization that has set pharmaceutical and dietary supplement quality standards since 1820.

"We are pleased to receive USP's verification approval for our leading L-Carnitine Plus Coenzyme Q10 product", said Raj Chopra, Chairman/CEO of Tishcon-GelTec, manufacturers of the Q-Gel® brand of CoQ10 products. "We are in the process of increasing the range and number of our products being considered for the USP verification mark."

Tishcon products that have received the USP mark include:
Q-Gel® 30 mg "mini" softgels
Q-Gel® 60 mg "mini" softgels
Q-Gel® 15 mg softgels
Q-Gel® Forté 30 mg softgels
Q-Gel® Ultra 60 mg softgels
Q-Gel® "Mega" 100 mg softgels
Carni-Q-Gel® Forte softgels

"When consumers select USP verified supplements they can be assured that the products have been verified by the same organization that has established pharmaceutical and dietary supplement standards for more than 180 years," said John Fowler, USP's chief operating officer. "We believe the USP mark will help assure consumers that what is on the label is, indeed, in the bottle."

The Verification Process:
As part of the process, USP analyzes the product and audits the manufacturing facility for the quality and integrity of its ingredients, thereby helping to assure consumers that the dietary supplement:
- Contains the ingredients declared on the product label
- Contains the amount or strength of ingredients declared on the product label
- Meets requirements for limits on contaminants
- Has been manufactured properly by complying with USP and proposed FDA standards for Good Manufacturing Practices
In addition, USP will randomly test approved products after the mark is granted to ensure continued quality.

Information about USP's Verification Program can be found at www.uspverified.org, or by contacting Sherrie Borden, director, public relations at 301/816-8268 or via email at [email protected].
Media kits are available at www.usp.org/newscenter.

Tishcon can be contacted at 1-800-848-8442, [email protected], Fax: 1-516-338-0829

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