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La Belle, Arla bring colostrum production to Europe

La Belle, Arla bring colostrum production to Europe
Agreement establishes La Belle as the only colostrum company in the world to have manufacturing facilities on two continents.  

La Belle Europe ApS and Arla Foods amba confirmed an agreement for the Arla Foods’ Hirtshals facility, allowing La Belle to begin bovine colostrum production in Denmark by late 2012.

Colostrum is the first lacteal secretion of the mammary gland prior to and after parturition and is the first food all mammalian newborns receive from their mothers. It is rich in antibodies called immunoglobulins and contains proteins, growth factors, and a natural blend of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for the human body. Bovine colostrum has properties similar to human colostrum and has the ability to be obtained in large quantities. Bioactive components found in colostrum have been shown to help the human body combat internal and external health threats.

La Belle Incorporated, a U.S. colostrum company, has been producing bovine-sourced colostrum since 1984. La Belle products are supplied to more than  50countries. Through this agreement, La Belle Europe ApS was established, making La Belle the only colostrum company in the world to have manufacturing facilities on two continents.

Arla Foods is a global dairy company and co-operative. The Arla Foods co-operative is owned by Danish, German and Swedish farmers. The company has production facilities in fourteen countries and sales offices in twenty countries. Arla Foodsproducts are sold in more than 100 countries globally.

This agreement provides the opportunity for La Belle colostrum to reach into the European human health, organic food, and animal health markets. La Belle colostrum formulations are designed for applications including functional dietary supplements, clinical health applications and products relating to cosmetics and hygiene.

The use of the Hirtshals facility allows La Belle to implement proprietary processing techniques for increased global production of colostrum products. Much of the finished product will enter the Northern European human health and animal health markets. Additionally, La Belle is in a position to be able to deliver a solid organic colostrum supply back into North American markets to fulfill consumer demand.

The opening of the Hirtshals production facility will lead to the generation of jobs and added revenue into the local economy over the course of a long-term development plan. Liquid colostrum will be procured from Danish dairies, providing an additional revenue source for farmers. La Belle is eager to work with the dairy farming communities of Denmark, with their longstanding commitment to excellence in milk production.

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