Labrada Nutrition's CarbWatchers Forms Strategic Alliance with CarbWatchers Weight Loss Centers

HOUSTON, Sep 22, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Houston-based Labrada Nutrition today announced a strategic alliance between its CarbWatchers(R) product brand and the New York-based CarbWatchers(R) Weight Loss Centers. The two organizations are forming a unique business alliance to provide a comprehensive weight management program, that includes personalized nutritional counseling and low carb food products.

Through this business partnership, CarbWatchers(R) Centers will offer CarbWatchers(R) products -- controlled carb foods manufactured by Houston-based Labrada Nutrition -- and provide nutritional counseling and support to help their clients accomplish their health and weight loss goals.

Products initially available in their retail centers will include CarbWatchers(R) Lean Body Meal Replacement and Ready-to-Drink Shakes, CarbWatchers(R) Protein Bars, CarbWatchers(R) Gourmet Baking Mixes, CarbWatchers(R) Tortilla Wraps, and CarbWatchers(R) Premium Gourmet Sugar-free Chocolates.

"This is a win-win arrangement for consumers we refer to as 'carb watchers,' those who are modifying their diets by watching their carbohydrate intake," says Lee Labrada, president and CEO of Labrada Nutrition. "While CarbWatchers(R) Centers offers personalized care and diet structuring based on their clients' goals, Labrada Nutrition will supply CarbWatchers(R) products that will appeal to that group because of their goals. It's a mutually-beneficial alliance."

CarbWatchers(R) Weight Loss Centers, headquartered in the metro New York area, offers both nutrition counseling at its weight loss clinics and customized home-based programs to clients throughout the United States. The home-based program is called CarbWatchers(R) @ Home -- a system that allows customers to have the complete CarbWatchers(R) program delivered to their door along with a starter kit of CarbWatchers(R) products. For $149, CarbWatchers(R) @ Home members receive two personalized telephone consultations with a certified clinical nutritionist, a personalized CarbWatchers(R) manual that includes a carb counter, a weight loss journal, recipes, meal plans and food lists, e-mail support, a free newsletter with recipes and tips, and member discounts.

"There are many people who believe they're low carbing, but are not finding the success they want," said Jennifer Muroff, president and co-founder of CarbWatchers(R) Centers. "There are an abundance of low carb products being marketed and sold, and still the vast majority of people are not losing weight by simply adding these products to their diet. This alliance, with the combined synergy of our personalized program and support, along with the wonderful CarbWatchers(R) products -- will help us educate more people about proper nutrition and help them reach their goals."

CarbWatchers(R) Centers franchise stores are currently available to qualified franchisees. Once selected, each franchisee will participate in an extensive training program coupled with hands-on training at an existing CarbWatchers(R) Center.

About the CarbWatchers(R) Team

Jennifer Muroff, president and co-founder of CarbWatchers(R) Weight Loss Centers, received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After receiving an MBA from the Harvard Business School, Jennifer worked at Weight Watchers International and was involved in the development of Weight Watchers at Home. She also worked for the American Leisure Corporation where she developed health and fitness programs. Jennifer's work experience also includes licensing of standard characters for toys and sporting goods at The Walt Disney Co.

Michael Bertan, CFO and co-founder of CarbWatchers(R) Weight Loss Centers, is a Nutritional Counselor and received his Bachelor of Science from Lehigh University. Michael previously worked on Wall Street as a financial consultant with Advest.

Lee Labrada
Lee Labrada is founder and president of Houston-based Labrada Nutrition, maker of popular nutrition products and functional foods, including the CarbWatchers(R) brand. Lee successfully built his company, established in 1996, to Inc 500 status -- one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the U.S. in only six years. Labrada is a former professional bodybuilder, having acquired more than 22 major titles. He is a past winner of the IFBB Mr. Universe and was inducted into the IFBB Pro Body Building Hall of Fame in 2004. In June 2002, he was appointed as Fitness Czar to help Houston get into better shape and is credited with helping the city shed its "Fattest City in America" title, a distinction it had held for three years. Lee has been featured on the covers of more than 100 magazines worldwide, in hundreds of articles, and has appeared on all major networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and ESPN television.

Labrada Nutrition

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