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Lane Labs Acquires Tokyo Supplement Company

September 23, 2005 -- Lane Labs - USA, Inc ("Lane Labs") has finalized its agreement with Fujix, Inc. of Japan to purchase Fujix's Japanese distributor, 3 A Calcium Kabushiki Kaisha ("3A Calcium KK").

Lane Labs is the largest seller of Fujix products worldwide, distributing its patented ingredients in North America and India. Fujix products represent about $10 million in Lane Labs sales.

With the acquisition of 3A Calcium KK, and its well established relationships with drug stores, pharmacies, catalog and consumer direct businesses, Lane Labs has the opportunity to expand its line of innovative products into the Japanese market. Japan is the second biggest market for supplements, with 2005 sales expected to top $10 billion. 3A calcium KK is the exclusive distributor of Fujix products in Japan.

"Fujix is an excellent manufacturing company with several patents and clinically advanced natural compounds. It's AdvaCAL calcium simply outperforms any other calcium." says Andy Lane, president of Lane Labs . Lane Labs is an ideal partner for a technology leader since our focus is research and education based. Through the distribution strength of 3A KK in Tokyo, Lane Labs products now will be widely available to knowledgeable Japanese consumers. Previously, these customers had to order Lane Labs products from the United States. Lane Labs has appointed Yoshiki Kamata, as general manager of 3A Calcium KK.

As part of its deal with Fujix, Lane Labs also acquires worldwide exclusive distribution rights for Fujix products. With its partnership with pharmaceutical leader, USV in India, Lane Labs calcium supplements have become one of the fastest growing brands in this fast emerging country. Other Lane Labs products plan to be launched in India shortly.

Lane Labs' acquired technologies are especially appealing given the rapidly aging populations in North America, Asia and Europe. More and more, natural or holistic products are being used to complement (or in some cases replace) prescription drugs. Many consumers are well-educated, and well-read on natural options and making their own health care decisions. Because Lane Labs products are supported with favorable clinical evidence, it products fall squarely in the "sweet spot" of these self-directed consumers. To rapidly expand its European distribution, Lane Labs is discussing licensing possibilities with a top 10 pharmaceutical company.

Lane Labs line of Fujix products include AdvACAL® advanced calcium, Toki ® collagen supplement for wrinkles and H2Go® for constipation. Lane Labs products have been recommended in health magazines and newsletters, and by doctors, such as Dr. Linda Page, author of Healthy Healing, a best-selling reference guide for natural products. Dr. Page takes two of the Fujix products from Lane Labs everyday.

Perhaps the most promising Fujix technology for Lane Labs is a patented natural seaweed compound called HAI®. HAI stands for heated algal ingredient and was developed by the founder of Fujix to help her mother's fight against osteoporosis. In multiple clinical studies, HAI has dramatically, yet safely increased the bioavailability of large difficult to absorb molecules, such as calcium, collagen and certain carbohydrates. "HAI has application in natural products and even pharmaceuticals where absorption is a challenge," says Andrew Lane. "HAI can be a billion dollar technology. Lane Labs has the expertise and resources to successfully bring it to market."

About Lane Labs:

Lane Labs – USA, Inc., the innovative company, has pioneered a number of leading, proprietary supplements and topicals. Founded in 1994, Lane Lab is focused on well-researched, technologically advanced natural compounds for human health. Lane Labs divisions include Lane Medical, Lane Malignancy Testing and 3A Calcium KK.

Audrey Herget

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