Lassie Natural Way(TM) Launches a New Natural Pet Food, Biscuit and Treat Line

NEW YORK, April 28, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Bone-appetit! Lassie is launching her new natural dog food, biscuit and treat line, Lassie Natural Way(TM), on May 1st to give pets the opportunity to be "treated" just like the world's most famous pooch. The brand new line is made from all-natural wholesome ingredients and provides complete and balanced nutrition. The star of eleven movies and the two-time Emmy Award winning TV show will "em-bark" on a five month national tour to promote pet health and the benefits of a natural diet.

Lassie Asks, What's in Your Dog Food?
Inspired by Lassie's natural way of life, Lassie Natural Way dog food is made from all-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals for superior nutrition. Unlike most nationally advertised brands, there are NO animal by-products (bones, brains, spinal tissue, intestines, or other animal organs) and NO artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners are added.

The #1 ingredient in each dog food recipe is high-quality protein from lamb or chicken meal to help build sleek and strong muscle tissue. Natural Way dog food is balanced with rice cereal grain for energy and endurance and is wheat, corn and soy-FREE to help avoid allergic or digestive upsets. The line provides an optimal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and double the standard recommended level of linoleic acid to ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat. Healthy joints and cartilage are maintained by naturally sourced glucosamine and chondroitin in the adult and senior formulations. Additionally, every bag of Lassie Natural Way comes with a 100% Great Taste Guarantee demonstrating the superior palatability of its natural flavors.

Two world-renown pet nutritionist PhDs and Lassie's own veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Werber, DVM, developed Natural Way. Dr. Werber has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 20 years and has treated the pets of some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, Patrick Dempsey, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Each Natural Way package includes a "Lassie Smart Tip" from Dr. Werber, which provides important pet care information.

"Thanks to her movies and TV shows, Lassie helped to change the way Americans view their pets," said Dr. Werber. "Pets are now considered members of the family and they deserve the best possible care and nutrition we can provide. A natural diet in conjunction with exercise and lots of love will help ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life, just like Lassie."

The product line consists of 17 different food and treat products specialized for every stage of a dog's life, from puppy to adult to senior formulas, and is, of course, part of Lassie's own diet. Lassie Natural Way dog food is available in Lamb Meal & Rice (Puppy and Adult), Chicken Meal & Rice & Oatmeal (Adult) and Chicken Meal & Rice (Senior) varieties in 5 and 20 pound bags with prices ranging from $5.99 to $18.99. Available in treats are Lamb & Rice Jerky Strips with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Beef & Rice Lean Jerky Sticks and Training Treats with Real Lamb ranging from $0.99 to $2.29. Lamb & Rice and Chicken & Rice dog biscuits are also offered for $2.99. Lassie Natural Way finally makes "natural" affordable, costing far less than comparable name brands currently sold in mass or specialty.

John Fraser, VP of Marketing for Classic Media/Lassie Pet Products, said "For the first time, a natural, no by-product dog food is accessible for every consumer. Lassie Natural Way is conveniently available where they shop for their family's food needs at grocery retailers like Kroger, Publix, Vons, Pathmark, Shoprite, Albertsons and many more." He adds, "Lassie Natural Way saves shoppers time and money while providing peace of mind that they are making the best choice for their best friends."

Lassie Comes Home ... to Your Town!
On June 1, Lassie "em-barks" on a five-month cross-country tour to promote pet health. The tour begins in Nashville, TN and will travel to more than 25 cities before its final stop in Los Angeles this October. Dr. Werber will join Lassie on several tour stops. In each city, people will have the opportunity to come out meet Lassie, watch her perform and take away some valuable pet care advice from Dr. Werber and his team of veterinary technicians on topics ranging from the benefits of natural food, to pet obesity, to choosing the right pet for your family.

For a complete tour schedule and pet care tips from Dr. Werber, Lassie fans can log onto

Since Lassie's theatrical film debut in 1943, along side Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, no other animal has established such an emotional bond with generations of children and families. With eleven movies and 691 TV episodes to her credit, Lassie is one of the most enduring figures in entertainment history. She has come to symbolize classic American values of trust, loyalty and friendship. Lassie's two-time Emmy Award-winning TV series is one of the longest running programs in television history and has been seen in more than 100 countries around the world. Her latest movie, "LASSIE," opens nationwide on September 1, 2006 and stars Oscar winner Peter O'Toole and Oscar nominee Samantha Morton.
The sales of natural pet food products have more than doubled in the last 5 years. This accelerating growth is fueled by America's continued interest in the consumption of all kinds of natural products for themselves and their families. With pets being treated as full-fledged family members, it is no surprise that there is a pent up demand to purchase high quality natural pet foods like Lassie Natural Way.

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