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Latest Product Launched with PalatinoseTM

BENEO-Palatinit, one of the leading functional ingredient manufacturers, has seen the launch of the latest product containing its scientifically proven functional carbohydrate, PalatinoseTM. Following three years on the market, and over 70 products launched, energy boost drink 3Action Guarana - Speed on Top from Luked is the latest RTD beverage to contain PalatinoseTM.

3Action Guarana - Speed on Top is a nutritional supplement targeted at athletes looking to increase their energy levels without using caffeine. The 25ml bottles relieve fatigue while improving performance.

PalatinoseTM is not only proving successful within the beverage sector (sports, dairy, beer, water) but is seeing demand rise in products such as bars and gels, chocolate, nutraceuticals, supplements, and sweeteners.

BENEO-Palatinit is continually developing highly marketable product applications and solutions containing Palatinose™ (generic name: isomaltulose) that will help address trends relating to physical and mental performance as well as body weight management. Recent innovations include Göller (single malt beer), Rosbacher Drive (carbonated drink claiming 38% improved alertness) and Gatorade (energy drink delivering increased performance).

Increased performance

Independent sports medicine studies[1] have shown that Palatinose™ promotes the body’s own fat oxidation. This means that Palatinose™ increases the ratio of energy derived from fat relative to the total amount of energy required to burn fat, which is not only true for sportspeople but also for less active and overweight people. In one study fat and carbohydrate oxidation in sportspeople after ingestion of a Palatinose™ drink or a high glycaemic maltodextrine drink was investigated; The result was that before, during and after performance, the Palatinose™ group demonstrated an increased rate of fat burning compared to the controlled group.

Another study conducted confirmed Palatinose™’s noticeable performance-boosting effect. During a time trial, a group of cyclists who had ingested a Palatinose™ drink performed significantly better than a maltodextrine control group, reaching the finishing line about three percent faster. Furthermore, their fat burning rate was about 25 percent higher than the control group’s.

BENEO-Palatinit – a trustworthy partner in NPD

Manufacturers now more than ever, need to create and deliver high quality innovative goods that also have product integrity. BENEO-Palatinit can help new product developers achieve this complex combination of requirements. As a business whose foundations are built on science, the company continually works in collaboration with internationally accepted institutions on research projects looking at the efficiency of the functional carbohydrate Palatinose™.

In addition to several ongoing studies, more than 15 completed studies for isomaltulose are now available. These investigations have already proven the various nutritional and physiological benefits of the functional carbohydrate. Therefore, with Palatinose™, manufacturers of functional foods can utilise an ingredient with scientifically substantiated benefits, diverse market potential and versatile positioning possibilities.

Regulatory key facts

Since July 2005, Palatinose™ has been officially approved as a Novel Food in the EU and enjoys the FDA notified GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) in the US. Moreover, the US food agency approved the carbohydrate as non-cariogenic in September 2007. Today Palatinose™ is approved in more than 45 countries.

About BENEO-Palatinit

Based in Mannheim, Germany, BENEO-Palatinit was founded in 1979 and is part of the Functional Food Group BENEO. The Group, formed in autumn 2007, also includes BENEO-Orafti as well as BENEO-Remy. It is part of the SÜDZUCKER AG - Europe’s largest sugar producer.

BENEO-Palatinit employs some 200 people in Mannheim and at its production facilities in Offstein/Palatinate. The company has a global presence with subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore, as well as 45 sales agencies in various countries.

BENEO-Palatinit manufactures the internationally approved products ISOMALT, Palatinose™ and galenIQ™, all of which are derived from pure beet sugar. Each product is characterised by its toothfriendliness, low glycaemic response and a mild, sugar-like sweetness. Moreover, the sugar replacer ISOMALT contains only half the calories of sugar. With tailor-made variants the ISOMALT family is available for a wide range of applications. Worldwide, almost 2,000 products are made with ISOMALT – in sugar-free hard-boiled candies, it is the internationally most widely used ingredient. The new functional carbohydrate Palatinose™ is characterised by a long-lasting energy supply. As a result, it has a wide range of application possibilities in foods and beverages with a sports and wellness positioning.

For pharmaceutical applications, BENEO-Palatinit produces the excipient galenIQ™, which is chemically also based on hydrogenated isomaltulose, but manufactured according to pharmaceutical guidelines.

BENEO-Palatinit offers comprehensive service and consultancy to customers, including production technology, formulation development and product optimisation as well as regulatory advice, market research and marketing support.

BENEO-Palatinit has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

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