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Leading Authority onHerbal Products and Natural Dietary Supplements Launches New Consulting Firm to Better Meet the Needs of an Expanding Global Market

Los Angeles, CA-October 2002-The natural dietary supplement industry is in a constant state of change with new products hitting the market by the hundreds every year. Regulatory compliance issues, science, quality improvement and sourcing novel exotic ingredients are key issues which can be intimidating to developers and marketers in the industry. "My knowledge and my convictions will benefit my clients in every area, from developing and testing products to their successful launching and marketing both here and in Europe and Latin America," says Dr. Jorge G. Weil, M.D., founder of 770 Best Herbs & Marketing, a new consulting firm specializing in product development, formulation and testing, as well as the promotion and marketing. Dr. Weil views his role as one of a mentoring nature…presenting clients and partners with a vast store of knowledge in the development and formulation process. Dr. Weil himself has been instrumental in the success of over 300 unique products. Located in Los Angeles, CA, the company also has a presence in Miami, FL.

Dr. Weil believes his extensive experience and contacts with both the U.S. and Latin American markets and his scientific background and medical knowledge of herbs and dietary supplements will give his clients an edge. He has worked closely with health authorities and U.S. and local corporations in Latin America as a medical advisor, marketing and product development strategist, manager of clinical and toxicity studies, and spokesperson. He has served as an advisor on public health issues to the Government of Argentina and on the Board of Directors of Argentina's Olympic Committee. In addition, Dr. Weil is an Executive Board member of the Brussels-based IADSA, International Alliance of Dietary Food Supplement Associations.

Recently, Dr. Weil successfully introduced Yerba Mate Extract to the U.S. marketplace. He has developed applications of this South American herb for several categories of dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals and plans to launch more South American herbs in the future.

He says, "Working with Olympic and professional athletes in Argentina in my own clinic, I saw, first hand, how effectively herbs and natural dietary supplements could be used to improve performance, without harmful side effects. Being a scientist, I conducted extensive research and testing and I became a believer."

For additional information, please contact Dr. Weil directly at 770 Best Herbs & Marketing, Phone: 310-704-2980; Fax: 310-275-1926 e-mail:

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