Leading Brands, Inc. Announces Launch of Pez 100% Juice at National Association of Convenience Stores Convention in Orlando, Florida, October 5, 6 & 7, 2002

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 1, 2002-- Leading Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: LBIX) (TSX: LBI), Canada's largest independent, fully integrated brand management company, announces that it will launch its highly anticipated Pez(R) 100% Juice(TM) brand at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Convention in Orlando, Florida on October 5, 6 and 7, 2002.

LBI Brands President, Dave Read, stated, "There could be no better opportunity for us to introduce this exciting new brand to our customers than at the NACS Convention this weekend. The Convention draws literally thousands of retailers from around the World to one venue for three rather intense days. We are very excited about the opportunities that we anticipate will come out of this event. Our Pez(R) 100% Juice(TM) rollout will commence immediately thereafter across the United States and Canada."

Mr. Read continued, "Our unique product combines all the fun and collectible aspects of Pez(R) with our high quality 100% juice in four flavors: Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Strawberry and Grape. The brand will incorporate our innovative re-sealable Gualapack(TM) foil packaging - which has become a standard in Europe - and an assortment of collectible Pez(R) characters. We will initially be introducing 28 Pez(R) characters in a new format that will intrigue both long time and new collectors alike. Some of the characters that we are launching with have been out of production for many years and are highly sought after by Pez(R) aficionados.

"I invite you to take a look at a sample of the packaging on our corporate website at www.LBIX.com. The 8oz (250ml) package will be available in both a single serve format for convenience stores and an eye-catching three pack for grocery and mass merchandising channels. We will shortly be unveiling a new website to support the brand at www.pezjuice.com," concluded Mr. Read.

Leading Brands Chairman and CEO Ralph McRae added, "Pez(R) 100% Juice(TM) is representative of our efforts to deliver products that are both innovative and good for you. Parents will be drawn to Pez(R) 100% Juice(TM) because of its high quality and nutritional value and their children will be excited to see it in their lunch boxes because it tastes great and is also a lot of fun. No more Moms worrying about their kids throwing away boring old juice boxes at school or staining their clothing, since Pez(R) 100% Juice(TM) not only has a great package, but has a built-in, re-sealable straw to avoid spillage.

"There is also a bit of nostalgia at play here as 97% of North Americans recognize the popular brand and can introduce their children to a brand they have known and enjoyed their whole lives. We think we've got another winner here."

About Leading Brands, Inc.

Leading Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:LBIX, TSX:LBI) is the largest independent, fully integrated premium beverage company in Canada. The Company's unique Integrated Distribution System (IDS)(TM) offers turnkey, one-stop shopping to food and beverage brand owners, including manufacturing, distribution, sales/marketing and licensing. In addition, Leading Brands produces their own line of beverages such as TREK(TM), Pez(R) 100% Juices(TM), Johnny's Roadside(R) Iced Tea and Lemonade, Country Harvest(R) Juices, Caesar's(R) Bloody Caesar Cocktail, and Cool Canadian(R) Water. Leading Brands recently undertook a major expansion into the United States, with its US headquarters located in Stamford, CT. Its subsidiary, Quick, Inc. is building a home replenishment and delivery system for the new economy.

Statements in this news release that are not historical are to be regarded as forward-looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Such risks and uncertainties with respect to the Company's business include general economic conditions, weather conditions, changing beverage consumption trends, pricing, and the availability of raw materials and economic uncertainties, including currency.

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(C)2002 Leading Brands, Inc.

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