Leading Canadian Expert in Natural Medicine Joins Destiny Health & Wellness

Toronto, ONT October 13th, 2004 - Destiny Health & Wellness, a leading Natraceutical Company, is very pleased to announce that Dr. Rana Singh has joined the organization in the role of Director of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Singh, ND, is one of Canada's leading experts in Natural Medicine. He is a renowned lecturer, consultant, and researcher with published studies in several prestigious medical journals including the Canadian Medical Association Journal, The Canadian Journal of Public Health, and Breast Cancer Research.

In this newly created role, Dr. Singh will be directly responsible for the following areas:

1) Lead Medical Presenter at all Public Seminars
2) Management of all Clinical Case Series for Destiny Products
3) Key contributor to future Product formulations
4) Lead into the Health Professional, College & University and Clinic channels
5) Contributor to the development of the Corporate and Membership Wellness initiatives
6) Lead technical contributor for communications to Wellness Advisors and Clients

Dr. Singh completed his post-graduate medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Waterloo.

About Destiny
Destiny Health & Wellness is a leading Natraceutical Company whose prime directive is to develop the most impactful and effective Natural Health Solutions available today. Destiny is a Natural Pharmaceutical organization that designs, manufactures, markets, sells and distributes advanced natural health supplement solutions that deal with the following core areas:

  1. General Prevention of disease and chronic conditions
  2. General Protection against the effects of aging on the internal and external body systems
  3. Specific treatment of Health Conditions as follows:
    • Liver Health
    • Glucose Management
    • Menopause
      o Weight Management
    • Female Sexual Dysfunction
    • Male Sexual Dysfunction
    • Breast Augmentation
  4. Sports and Fitness Nutrition supplementation
  5. General Skin, Body and Hair Care

Destiny wellness products are designed to enhance and revitalize your natural, unique metabolic processes using the science of how the body works. Understanding the “why” of biochemical reactions and interactions is crucial to enhancing these processes in a natural and individual way. The “what” component of the process involves isolating specific pathways, neurotransmitters, receptors, and interactions. By providing the body with exact mechanisms and substances to intensify and augment these processes, Destiny Health & Wellness has defined itself as a leader in the biological science of life!

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