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Leading Expert on Wellness, Cardiologist Frederick Vagnini, M.D. to Present at SupplySide West 2005

Walnut Creek, CA – October 26, 2005 – Nebraska Cultures, the leading supplier of premium probiotics for supplement manufacturers and suppliers, announced that it will bring Frederic Vagnini, M.D., F.A.C.S., renowned cardiovascular surgeon and Director of the Cardiovascular Wellness Centers in New York, to present at SupplySide West 2005 on Friday, November 11, 2005 from 2 p.m.-2:50 p.m., Room #2004 at The Venetian & Sands Expo.

Dr. Vagnini has over 42 years experience in the medical field, during which time he has authored 25 scientific books/articles, including the foreword for Cultivate Health From Within, a book by Dr. Khem Shahani which cites over 40 years of research on the health effects of probiotics. Dr. Vagnini also appears weekly on his radio show, “The Heart Show,” which airs on WOR radio 710 AM New York City.

Dr. Vagnini’s presentation: “New Concepts in Probiotic Therapy” is part of the VendorWorks presentation series at SupplySide West 2005. Dr. Vagnini believes strongly in the value that probiotics bring to his arsenal of treatments to fight disease and promote wellness.

Probiotics historically have been used by virtually every culture to help promote strong health and well-being. Science continues to discover more about the dynamic role probiotics play in the war against disease. Dr. Vagnini will discuss his unique perspective from the front lines on today’s increasing use of probiotic therapy to address anti-aging, reduction of inflammation, immunity support, weight-loss, and “metabolic syndrome,” the new world epidemic.

Aside from conveying his work and accomplishments in this presentation, Dr. Vagnini will also continue to share the works of Dr. Shahani in explaining the value of probiotics in maintaining good health and to educate consumers as to their specific health benefits. Dr. Shahani, who was the probiotics pioneer and most published scientist in the field, passed away in 2001, after finishing the manuscript; but prior to publishing his long-awaited probiotics guide called “Cultivate Health from Within”.

To learn more about Dr. Vagnini please visit To learn more about probiotics please visit

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