Leading Insurer Serving Exclusively Health Food Retailers and Manufacturers Now Offers Comprehensive Group and Individual Medical Coverage

With more than 2,000 health food retail clients, Health Food Insurance Group, established in 1991, in partnership with Insurance Advisors of America, now offers health food retailers and manufacturers specialized group and individual medical coverage.

Guilford, CT — (February 20, 2007) – The Health Food Insurance Group, based here, the only insurance agency in the United States serving exclusively health food retailers and manufacturers, now offers low-cost group and individual medical insurance in addition to its comprehensive, tailored policies covering the natural, organic and health food industry.

By teaming up with Insurance Advisors of America, based in Orlando, FL, the Health Food Insurance Group is able to extend its group and individual medical coverage to all states by tapping into the national network of small business specialist Excelsior Benefits, according to Pete Guillette, co-founder of the Health Food Insurance Group.

“By bringing together these insurance resources, we are able to assess the client’s situation state by state, and select the most appropriate company to provide comprehensive coverage tailored to the individual store or business’s unique situation,” says Chad Garrell, president of Insurance Advisors of America. “Also, by working together, we are able to take advantage of the large-scale volume of our insurance partners to provide the lowest-cost, most complete coverage available for our individual and small business clients in the health food industry,” adds Guillette.

Additionally, Health Food Insurance Group can assist health food retailers with establishing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for their employees. HSAs are similar to 401K retirement accounts in that they are tax-free savings accounts put aside by employers and workers. However, HSA savings must be spent on health care costs, and they are meant to be matched with high-deductible health insurance plans, which are more affordable than low-deductible plans, helping to offset the costs associated with meeting a high deductible.

“Health Savings Account plans are a good fit for health food retailers, because these retailers and their employees tend to choose preventive and alternative medicine practices, and the Health Savings Accounts can be utilized in this regard,” says Guillette.

In addition to group and individual medical coverage, Health Food Insurance Group provides the following insurance, tailored to the needs of health food retailers and manufacturers:

• Private Label Insurance

• Business Income Loss Insurance, including a special rider to cover losses due to external causes, such as power outages outside the premises

• Food Spoilage Loss Insurance, which covers the Retail Selling Price, not the wholesale price, thus insuring the profit that would have been made by the sale of the product

• Product Liability Insurance for manufacturers (including start-ups)

• Employment Practice Coverage for businesses, helping to protect small businesses for employee-related issues, e.g., sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination (this coverage is not normally included in small business policies)

About the Health Food Insurance Group

The Health Food Insurance Group, established in 1991 by Kapatoes Insurance Services in Guilford, CT, is the only insurance group that serves exclusively health food retailers and manufacturers. The Health Food Insurance Group currently serves more than 2,000 health food retailers across the country, representing more than $7.5 million in annual premiums. Health food retailers and manufacturers can benefit from insurance coverage tailored specifically to their needs, including retail selling price coverage for inventory losses (insuring not only the wholesale cost but also the profit margins that would have been earned), loss of business income from off-premises power failure, private-label insurance, employment practice liability insurance, product liability for manufacturers, and other insurance needs.

You can learn more about the Health Food Insurance Group by visiting MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "www.natural-synergies.com" claiming to be www.healthfoodinsurance.com or please contact Pete Guillette, Health Food Insurance Group, Guilford, CT, [email protected], tel 888.467.3330 ext. 15 (toll free).


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