Leading Natural Products Industry Business Journal Boasts, 'LTP Knows What Practitioners Want'

Laguna Niguel , CA - January 10, 2004 In a recent issue of the Nutrition Business Journal ( NBJ ), Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. (LTP) was highlighted for its expertise in advising supplement companies seeking sales in the professional market. The article discusses LTP's know-how in capturing the healthcare practitioner market through the use of Natural Product Advisory Sessions (NPAS), technology based, cost-effective on-line education initiatives for doctors, patients and sales representatives, through the company's subsidiary, LTP TRAINING, and the employment of company-sponsored peer-review journals and product clinical trials. LTP is committed to discovering what healthcare practitioners today are looking for in a nutritional supplement company, and the most efficient, cost effective means of creating and executing solutions for its clients, so they capture and retain loyal, longtime practitioner customers that end up generating 80% of its client's sales. Says NBJ , “LTP asked doctors [during its Ongoing LTP Practitioner Survey]…to name their most common reason for selecting a particular product. ‘46% selected quality,' Miller revealed ‘Efficacy is number two with 25%.' Other factors included … support or service, research, availability and convenience and purity.” Given that quality is a perception, LTP has capitalized on proven means of enhancing this perception in the eyes of the discerning practitioner. And according to NBJ , LTP has”…found a formula for success.”

About Longevity Through Prevention

Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. is a business-to-business consulting firm that offers turnkey research, marketing, sales, technology and business solutions to the pharmaceutical and natural products industry. LTP is the first and only company to offer peer-to-peer Natural Product Advisory Sessions™ exclusively to nutraceutical companies interested in capturing the growing healthcare practitioner market. The company can be reached toll free at (866) 587-4622, via e-mail at [email protected] or on-line at http://www.LTPonline.com.

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