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Learn About Natural Care for Dogs with Mobility Problems on the online Radio Show, 'Animal Corner'

Hear American BioSciences’ Stephanie Johnson talk about Dog Gone Pain (DGP) online starting Thursday, 12-22-05 at 9:30 am PST (12 noon EST), & then archived online at

American BioSciences, Inc is at it again: educating the public about taking care of their pets, NATURALLY! This time, it was Stephanie Johnson who appeared on a radio show, broadcast via the Internet, called “Animal Corner.” Stephanie was interviewed by Kathleen (Kat) Berard the host of the Internet radio show “Animal Corner” where her guests are top pet industry experts including Dr. Shawn Messonnier, renowned DVM who started the show off.

Stephanie’s interview focused on dogs with mobility problems! She told people about the all-natural product, Dog-Gone-Pain™ (DGP) that provides natural care for dogs who are suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or lack of movement from just plain old age. Hear how the all-natural, synergistic combination of herbal ingredients in DGP not only helps to restore mobility but also actually “revitalizes” pets -- bringing happiness to dogs and their owners alike.
In the United States, it is estimated that 25% to 30% of all dogs (as many as 15 million) will suffer the pain of arthritis in their lifetimes. Large breeds are more susceptible, but dogs of any breed, size or age can develop arthritis. When the mobility of a dog is limited by age, or by injury, it affects their entire physiology, as well as their personality, vitality and behavior. Originally developed in Australia by herbalists and scientists, Dog-Gone-Pain™’s unique formula takes this into account, and its combination of herbs and specialty nutrients work synergistically to provide comprehensive support for healthy joint function, along with specific compounds for gastrointestinal, immune, and nervous system function. It contains 600 milligrams of a proprietary blend of native Australian edible herbs along with compounds used in European (and other cultures) medical traditions.

The online radio show is the creation of well-known expert Kathleen A. Berard, known as Kat, Animal Communicator, Vibrational Essences Practitioner, and Holistic Care consultant (Katalyst for Animal Wholeness, Inc,
Stephanie’s original interview airs on Thursday, 12/22 at 9am PST, then at 5pm PST on Saturday, 12-24 and at 3am PST on Tuesday 12-27, with an encore shows at 10pm PST the following Thursday evening, 12-29-05. The shows air on (listeners just need to click on the “Listen Live” button on the home page at the scheduled times).
But, you can also listen at your convenience!

As of 12/22 the show will be archived for 6-10 weeks. To listen to the show in archives, log onto the site as follows:

This interview is available to listen to 24/7 via the internet, so feel free to pass it on to anyone you know who has a dog who may have mobility issues, and to anyone else who would like to know more about natural alternatives to helping dogs get back their freedom of motion.

For further information, please contact American BioSciences directly at 1-888-884-7770, and visit

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