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Lectin Labs Launches NutraLec™

Carson City — Lectin Labs is announcing the launch of its first commercial product based on its groundbreaking, proprietary medical technology. The name of the product is NutraLec and it will be used in non-prescription gastric remedies. After many years of research and development, including human clinical trials, NutraLec has emerged as a highly effective agent for providing relief from gastritis and ulcers caused by H. pylori. It is the only such product, other than antibiotics, which actually treats the cause of these diseases rather than just alleviating symptoms, according to Dr. Howard Krivan, president & chief science officer of Lectin Labs and the inventor of NutraLec. He adds that NutraLec is manufactured from cereal grain and is, therefore, all-natural, highly palatable, and very safe to use. NutraLec is based on a class of proteins called lectins which, the Company has found, have the ability to bind to harmful bacteria and make them incapable of causing disease. Moreover, this happens in a way which makes it very unlikely for bacteria to mutate into resistant forms, which is a very serious problem that has caused the effectiveness of antibiotics to be diminished.

The Company is making NutraLec available as a bulk powder to manufacturers for use in such products as antacids and dietary supplements. An initial customer has already been secured, and product is currently shipping.

Bruce Rose, CEO, made the following statement: “It is very gratifying to see years of rigorous research and development effort result in such an outstanding product. It is even more exciting to consider that NutraLec is merely the tip of the iceberg for commercializing the numerous lectin products which we have under development for a wide range of medical problems.”

About the Company:
Lectin Labs Ltd., is a private biopharmaceutical corporation developing proprietary, breakthrough technology that promises to have sweeping impact in the fields of health and medicine. The technology is based upon a class of bioactive natural carbohydrate-binding compounds that, the Company has discovered, have the ability to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases that are major worldwide health problems. These compounds, known as “lectins” (from the Latin verb “legere,” to choose), are extracted by the Company exclusively from botanical sources, many of which are present in our diet, and are being developed as nutraceutical and pharmaceutical microbicides which inhibit or destroy the infectivity of pathogenic viruses and bacteria (microbes) by binding to their carbohydrate surfaces. The Company has been awarded six U.S. patents for its lectin technologies, and many more U.S. and international cases are pending. The Company’s research facilities and administrative offices are located in Carson City, Nevada.

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Forward-Looking Information: Portions of this document may constitute "forward-looking statements" as defined by federal law. Forward-looking information is subject to risk and uncertainty. Although the company believes any such statements are based on reasonable assumptions, there is no assurance that actual outcomes will not be materially different. Any such statements are made in reliance on the "safe harbor" protections provided under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

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