Leiner Health Products Strikes Deal With MonoSol Rx to Sell New Over-the-Counter Drug and Vitamin Strips

CARSON, Calif., Aug 08, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Consumers looking for an over-the- counter drug or supplement to help them stay healthy will soon find a new strip dosage form the size of a postage stamp populating store shelves. Leiner Health Products signed an agreement with MonoSol Rx to exclusively sell the company's patented film technology in store brand OTC strips. Leiner also will use the same film technology in its new Shortcuts(TM) brand supplement strips.

"Oral strips almost instantaneously dissolve into liquid on the tongue making them great choices for children and adults who sometimes experience trouble swallowing pills," noted Gale Bensussen, President, Leiner Health Products. "Leiner's partnership with MonoSol Rx will allow Leiner to offer consumers yet another innovative product that helps them safely manage their health with ease and convenience," added Bensussen.

These portable strips are ideal for busy consumers who travel or are constantly on the run because they provide exact dosing and require no water. The OTC products for adults and children to be marketed include: children's cough and cold diphenhydramine strips; and sore throat strips with benzocaine and menthol. The ShortCuts label will feature melatonin strips for sleep. Both product lines will be ready to ship to retailers this fall. Other product formulations are under development in both the OTC and nutritional supplement categories.

"MonoSol Rx's film technology opens the door to a new generation of delivery forms for drugs and supplements, which consumers can readily take advantage of at the shelf level. Partnering with a leading company like Leiner, who supplies store brand OTC drugs to America's top retailers, allowed us to speed delivery of this unique technology to the mass market," said P. Scott Bening, President and CEO, MonoSol Rx.

Older Americans are consuming more drugs than any other age group because of age related illnesses. According to the American Pharmaceutical Association (2000), adults 65 years and older consume 33% of all OTC medicines sold in the United States. Nearly 50% of Americans 65 and older also reported taking three or more prescription drugs during a one month period (Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans, US Health and Human Services, 2004). The strip dosage form offers seniors a convenient way to potentially reduce the amount of pills they take everyday.

MonoSol Rx's quick dissolve technology also speeds absorption of the product into the blood stream. Another added feature consumers will find appealing is these strips contain no alcohol or acetone. This is particularly important to many parents in choosing pediatric medications for their children. OTC drugs require exact dosing to ensure the quality and content of the medicine remains consistent during the manufacturing process. MonoSol Rx manufactures its products to meet FDA's rigid Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for drugs. Strips appeal to consumers as an alternative dosage form because they are convenient and easily tolerated by those who sometimes experience difficulties swallowing. This is evidenced by the five fold increase worldwide in the number of thin film strip products sold in the packaged goods market since 2002 (ProductScan Online).

About Leiner Health Products (http://www.leiner.com)

Founded in 1973, Leiner Health Products, headquartered in Carson, California, is America's largest manufacturer of store brand vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The company also is a leading store brand supplier in the rapidly growing over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market. Selling products exclusively to the nation's leading retailers, Leiner provides nearly 40 food, drug, mass, club and dollar store merchants with over 3,000 products, creating extraordinary, high quality store brands at a great value. Leiner markets a full line of vitamins, minerals and supplements under its YourLife(R) brand, which is the leading brand worldwide in the US military. The company also markets over-the-counter drugs under its Pharmacist's Formula(R) brand. In 2004, Leiner produced 29 billion doses.

About MonoSol Rx LLC (http://www.monosolrx.com)

MonoSol Rx LLC, headquartered in Portage, Indiana, is a leading drug delivery company that uses film as a fast-dissolve oral drug delivery platform. MonoSol Rx previously acquired substantially all of the assets of Kosmos Pharma, including its extensive oral film intellectual property portfolio. MonoSol Rx's FDTAB film oral dosage form looks like a postage stamp and dissolves readily on the tongue to deliver drugs to a patient, replacing the use of conventional tablets and capsules. MonoSol Rx currently markets a variety of products together with its marketing partners, including strip products available at Wal-Mart, Costco and other major retailers.

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