Lesaffre Human Care® launches the brand Lynside® Nutrition & Health ingredients derived from yeast

From now onwards, yeast and its derivatives will become more and more important in Nutrition and Health. They will not only help to overcome nutritional imbalances but also contribute to reduce the risk of some diseases linked to our modern way of life and higher life expectancy.
Lesaffre Group, world leader in yeast production and manufacturing of yeast extracts for the food industry, reinforces its commitment in the area of Nutrition & Health by :

· The creation of the division
· The creation of the business unit
· The launch of the world wide brand

Set-up of Lesaffre Human Care®

· The division Nutrition & Health®
Lesaffre® group, world leading yeast and ingredients manufacturer for the bakery industry and present on the 5 continents, has recently created a new division : Lesaffre Nutrition & Health®. This new division consists of 6 entities dedicated to human, animal and vegetal nutrition & health. One of those entities is Lesaffre Human Care®.

· Lesaffre Human Care®
Recently set-up, Lesaffre Human Care® is dedicated to human Nutrition & Health as well as the beauty market. Through this new set up, Lesaffre, a world wide operating, French family business highly focused on biotechnologies, is dedicating its 150 years experience and expertise in yeast and yeast derivatives to new developments in the area of nutrition and health.

· Launch of the brand Lynside®
The product range of Lesaffre Human Care® is placed under the global umbrella of the trademark Lynside® (Lesaffre Yeast Inside). This range is currently made up of 4 categories and about 30 products. All of these products are derived from yeast which is a natural source par excellence. Their targeted field of application: dietary supplements and functional foods.
New products will progressively be launched to broaden the existing portofolio. A launch program has already been defined for the upcoming years. This program will be starting in the second half of 2008.

Lesaffre Human Care® is also able to provide custom-made solutions to meet special needs expressed by its partners which are neither covered by the existing product range nor by the already defined launch program.

· The Lynside® brand

Until now, these products were sold under local brands with diverse brand awareness. From now onwards, they are all placed under the umbrella of the global brand name Lynside®.

· Applications of Lynside®
Ingredients derived from yeast contain many components (high quality proteins, minerals, B vitamins, fibres, essential amino acids…) to balance the body’s principal functions: growth, cell metabolism, immune system, anti oxydation…

These ingredients have a special interest for the composition of food/dietary suuplements and functional foods.

· An innovative production with high "quality-safety" standards®
Lesaffre Human Care® relies on the production facilities of Lesaffre Group which are very well recognised in the industry as reliable and of high quality. Every subsidiary of Lesaffre group offers high quality products and quality insurance systems, well regarded by the industry. In all Lesaffre production plants, engineerd and biologists insure high quality and safety standards from the design of the products and processes through to the production of the finished product (quality controls, security processes, HACCP certification, ISO 9 000...). Lynside® products are among those that get most of the attention with regards to quality and safety.

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