Licaps® Distinctive Technology Yields Distinctive Benefits in Liquid Market

Liquid preference, oxygen protection, and potent bioavailability are key competitive advantages

Greenwood, SC - As the demand for encapsulated liquid products in the dietary supplement industry grows, the Licaps® brand stands out, according to executives of Capsugel, inventor of this unique proprietary liquid-fill delivery technology.

Introduced in 2002, Licaps® is a distinctive "new technology" that helps, depending on formulation, to preserve bioavailability and potency of the liquid fills because of unique protection from oxidation that can degrade the formulas.

How so? First, the capsule is filled with the liquid formulation and then it is flushed with nitrogen to eliminate all oxygen from the final product, evidenced by the nitrogen bubble visible through the transparent capsule. Second, through the fusion process, the capsule itself provides an effective barrier to oxygen. A robust seal is created by fusing the outer shells, using a precision microspray process (LEMS™), resulting in no need for banding and no leakage.

Both are accomplished in a newly expanded, dedicated manufacturing plant located on the campus of Capsugel's Americas Region headquarters in Greenwood, SC.

"As a global leader in capsule manufacturing, we have a reputation for quality. We bring this same commitment to quality to the Licaps® brand for dietary supplements," said Deborah L. Morrison, director of Liquids, Americas. "We provide consumers a product that works well. We give customers a full menu of diverse products that they can sell under their own brand because of Licaps' competitive commercial advantages. And we deliver an exceptional product that meets regulatory standards within the dietary supplement industry."

Consumer Benefits

Licaps® delivers the advantages that draw consumers to liquid supplements, plus additional values for which they have shown a willingness to pay more, as follows:

Consumers prefer Licaps® because they are easier to swallow than tablets
Because the capsule is less permeable than softgels to oxygen, it effectively masks tastes and unpleasant odors
Protect against oxidation and subsequent degradation of the liquid
Convenient to carry and take for those with fast-paced lifestyles
Supports the vegetarian lifestyle
Clear view of liquid through transparent capsule, depending on formula

Commercial Advantages

While all of the consumer benefits make Licaps® extremely marketable, the brand has other qualities that can give customers an edge in the encapsulated liquids marketplace.

Available in hypromellose (HPMC), the vegetarian capsule, appealing to a potential market of 70 million Americans alone who make vegetarian choices, of which 69 percent deem supplements beneficial.
A versatile delivery system; any supplement product category can be delivered and protected from oxidation and gas permeation in liquid form.
Precision Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing (LEMS™) process creates robust seal to eliminate need for banding and prevent leakage
Fast-to-market launch capabilities with low investment requirements
More than 45 standard products are immediately available with raw materials already screened and selected, formulations already optimized, and safety and stability tests completed. These include specialty oils, herbal suspensions, and combination products in a variety of health platforms.
Prompt turnaround of custom-formulated products through the services of the Americas Region Formulation Center in Greenwood, SC.
Visually appealing liquid formulation, including capsule color selection and custom logo printing for product differentiation opportunities and packaging and promotional initiatives
Marketing support through Capsugel industry promotion

Regulation Quality

Using protocols developed in the pharmaceutical industry, Capsugel is careful to follow high-caliber guidelines across the board for all its products, including the Licaps® brand, as follows:

Test incoming raw materials for identity, quality, and potency
Manufacture to Food cGMP's (certified good manufacturing practices) standards
Meet rigorous quality assurance standards
Provide Certificate of Analysis with every production batch

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