Life Extension unveils e-Partner program for healthcare practitioners

Life Extension unveils e-Partner program for healthcare practitioners

Life Extension launches its e-Partner program, an online wholesale fulfillment program exclusively designed for healthcare practitioners who want to recommend Life Extension products to their customers.

Through the e-Partner program, Life Extension will create, host and maintain an online store where a participating healthcare practitioner may send customers to purchase Life Extension branded products. Life Extension will fulfill the orders.

The program features a unique URL for each healthcare practitioner, who can customize the site to include a logo, practice image, description, and Life Extension items to be featured on the home page. Through “push” technology, Life Extension will ensure product information is always current.

Healthcare practitioners will have the ability to set product pricing and shipping costs to their customers. Administrative set-up is quick and easy, and facilitated by a dedicated team of Life Extension customer care professionals.

“Through the e-Partner program, healthcare practitioners receive standard wholesale margins without the logistical requirements of a standard wholesale program, such as storage space for products, deciding which products to stock, and most importantly, order fulfillment,” said

Ron Antriasian, director of sales and business development for Life Extension, who unveiled the program at the December 2011 A4M anti-aging conference in Las Vegas.

To participate in the Life Extension e-Partner program, healthcare practitioners must have a current wholesale application on file, available online at

For more information or to become a Life Extension e-Partner, call toll-free at 877.354.6512 or e-mail [email protected]

For more than 30 years, Life Extension of Fort Lauderdale, FL, has been a pioneer in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies while offering superior-quality dietary supplements to consumers.  A trailblazer in the $27 billion U.S. dietary supplements industry, Life Extension’s core mission is to extend the healthy human lifespan using an integrative approach and funding cutting edge scientific research. For more information visit,


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