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Life Force Natural Vitamins Rated Best Widely Available Multiple

Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator John F. Kerry Purchases Award-Winning Life Force™ Multiple Vitamin

Scotts Valley, California - October 21, 2004 – On Sunday, October 17, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio, Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry purchased Source Naturals Life Force Multiple from Dale Peiffer at the Parsley Patch Wellness Center.

Peiffer’s recommendation couldn’t come at a better time. The U. S. population is drastically malnourished. There are 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance. According to the latest A. C. Nielsen survey, only 12% of Americans claim to eat the 5 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day (Warner, 2004). Despite our inability to eat enough nutrient-rich produce, an estimated 64% of U. S. adults are overweight or obese (NCHS, 2004). Plus, approximately 1/3 of the calories that people do consume are from nutrient-poor foods such as alcohol and soda (Yang, S., 2004). This combination of behaviors has lead to a population that consumes too few nutrients, which according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (Fletcher, 2002) puts people at risk for long-term health concerns.

Kerry took a walk along historic 3rd Street, visiting the famous Katzinger’s Deli for lunch before stopping in at the nearby Parsely Patch Wellness Center to purchase well-needed supplements. “I told Kerry that if he wanted a good vitamin, then I would only recommend one good vitamin and that’s Source Naturals Life Force. It’s the top ranked multiple,” said store owner and health enthusiast Peiffer.

Peiffer’s recommendation is based on The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, written by biochemist Lyle MacWilliam. It provides a rigorous analysis about health promoting dosages for multiples and compares 500 popular multiples. Source Naturals Life Force Multiple was rated the best widely available multiple. That includes any mass market or natural products stores multiples, including Centrum® and One A Day®. Life Force™ is also a winner of the 2004 VITY award in the multivitamin and mineral category.

With Americans eating more but getting less in terms of nutrients, taking a daily multiple is one way for people to increase their intakes of nutrients. In 2002, a physician recommendation that all adults take vitamin supplements was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). But the search for what defines a good multiple can be confusing, even to health care professionals. Multiples have grown into a vast category with thousands of choices. According to The Natural Foods Merchandiser, vitamins and minerals alone accounted for approximately $3 billion of the natural products sales in 2003 (Spencer, 2004).

Source Naturals is committed to enhancing individual potential to enjoy optimal health and well being by providing superior quality dietary supplements and nutritional education. For more information, pricing or purchase locations, please visit

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