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LifeGuard Health to Launch New Omega Optimum Using Enzymotec’s CardiaBeat

Enzymotec and LifeGuard Health today announced the launch of an advanced Omega-3 based heart protection product. By combining the LifeGuard Health superior Omega-3 fatty acids with Enzymotec’s CardiaBeat product, LifeGuard has created a leading-edge product among Omega 3 supplements called LifeGuard Health Omega Optimum.

CardiaBeat is a novel combination of plant sterols and Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in which the Omega-3s are conjugated to plant sterols to offer broader cardiovascular benefit. By combining these ingredients in its premier line of products, LifeGuard Health further strengthens the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality, medically based products in the often commoditized world of fish oil. “Our research for the most effective cardiovascular product led us to CardiaBeat,” notes Ken Krieg, LifeGuard Health CEO. “Once we learned of the synergistic benefits, there was no question that it would be offered in our premier product, Omega Optimum.”

Set to launch later this spring, LifeGuard Health’s Omega Optimum is formulated for the knowledgeable Omega-3 user who’s looking for the best absorbed and most bio-available product available. LifeGuard Health Omega Optimum combines a highly potent form of Omega-with the extra cardio-protective benefits of CardiaBeat, making it easier for the committed user to achieve targeted doses.

"For us , CardiaBeat is simply taking well established supplements such as: omega-3 and plant sterols to the next level of efficacy and convenience says Ariel Katz, Enzymotec CEO. "We are excited about our cooperation with LifeGuard Health as a young and energetic player in this scene. We are certain that their science driven approach and aggressive marketing techniques will facilitate the growth of the whole category". concludes Dr. Katz.

LifeGuard Health is an emerging player in the Omega-3 marketplace. By utilizing significant physician input and leadership, LifeGuard has developed a sophisticated line of condition specific and benefits driven Omega-3 products in the United States. This close integration with physician partners has positioned LifeGuard Health as a brand trusted by medical professionals. It is expected to grow significantly in 2007 through a marketing strategy that utilizes multiple distribution channels with reinforcing messages through selected mass media outlets.

Enzymotec ( is an Israeli biotech company, that seeks to provide branded companies with a better value proposition in 3 main areas of nutrition: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies. This is done by taking well-established supplements to the next level of efficacy through conjugation or modification process, which enhance their effect. The company also invests significant resources in clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.

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