Lignisul MSM™ Achieves GRAS Status

GREENVILLE, PA, MARCH 18, 2003 -- Lignisul MSM, a natural sulfur compound used as a nutritional supplement for a variety of ailments, including muscle and joint pain, is the first MSM product to receive GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status under the FDA requirements for GRAS self affirmation, according to its supplier, CarolwoodMSM.

A GRAS report was initially commissioned by Carolwood to support the safe use of Lignisul MSM in foods. The report was reviewed by a panel of food safety experts who concurred with Carolwood’s determination that Lignisul MSM meets the requirements for GRAS status. In making its GRAS determination, the panel reviewed previously published reports of the human consumption of MSM, reports on the purification and processing of other food ingredients containing sulfur, and a large body of published literature covering the safety and technical effects of MSM in food.

“The GRAS certification for Lignisul MSM, is certainly a strong stamp of approval and gives us an important competitive edge,” said John Turner, Vice President of Sales for CarolwoodMSM. “It will open up some great opportunities for us in the functional foods market. Lignisul MSM is the only brand of MSM that has undergone third-party testing, as well as safety and clinical research trials,” added Turner.

In addition, Lignisul MSM is manufactured to a guaranteed purity level of 99.9% and a guaranteed moisture content of less than 0.15%. Lignisul MSM manufacturing facilities meet the guidelines established by ISO 9002 and the Food and Drug Administration. Lignisul MSM has also undergone testing under the guidelines of California’s Proposition 65 using the ICP-MS method.

CarolwoodMSM, located in Greenville, PA is the supplier of high-quality Lignisul MSM. For more information, call 888-646-0350, or log on to

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