Lipid Nutrition and Tempo Canada Inc. Announce Expansion of their Strategic Partnership

Lipid Nutrition and Tempo Canada Inc. Expand Strategic Partnership to further include business opportunities in the United States

Channahon, Illinois, 1st February 2007 – Lipid Nutrition and Tempo Canada Inc. announced today an expansion of their strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by better serving the dietary supplement and functional food markets in the United States.

“Our strategic alliance in Canada has worked very well in providing Canadian customers with one of the best supply chain experiences. The combination of Lipid Nutrition’s leading technology and Tempo Canada’s customer service and attention to detail, has benefited the Canadian customer extremely well," said Bob Rasmus, Business Unit Manager of Lipid Nutrition in North America. "By expanding our partnership with Tempo Canada into the United States market it provides us with a tremendous opportunity to expand the customer base for our innovative products and still provide the best customer service available to the industry, which is very important to us."

"We are thrilled to be working in close capacity with Lipid Nutrition and we think this expansion of our strategic agreement represents a thrilling opportunity to benefit the United States market," said Glen Hildebrand, Vice President and Head of the Functional Food/Nutraceutical Division. "Lipid Nutrition offers innovative and scientifically backed ingredients, which promote health and wellness. The expansion of our strategic alliance into the United States will further enhance our ability to deliver quality ingredients for customers with the benefit of our superior customer service and support. "

About Lipid Nutrition

Lipid Nutrition is a leader in innovating and marketing scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin that improves and maintains health and well being. Lipid Nutrition holds globally a strong position in weight management products with Clarinol™ CLA and PinnoThin™. Studies have demonstrated that Clarinol™ CLA positively affects body mass and has a beneficial effect on lean muscle mass. PinnoThin™ is a natural appetite suppressant and stimulates the hunger-suppressing hormone CCK and GLP1. In 2006 it received two prestigious awards; the Frost & Sullivan Product innovation award and the silver Award Hi Europe. Next to weight management Lipid Nutrition offers a variety of branded products like Safflorin™ isomerized safflower oil for immune health, Marinol™ concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development, and Betapol™ human milk fat substitute for infant nutrition.

About Tempo Canada Inc

Tempo Canada was established in 1985 with an objective to provide quality raw materials and unparalleled service and support to its customers within the natural health, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial markets throughout Canada. Tempo is 100% Canadian owned and operated, representing various suppliers such as VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. (primary processor of nutraceuticals and functional food ingredients), Aloecorp (ACTIValoe™ standardized Aloe vera), Polyphenolics (MegaNatural® grape seed), Degussa business unit for Goldschmidt Personal Care and Textile Care, NPRI and their unique O2P® (Oil to Powder) products, Global Calcium (a world leading producer of high quality calcium compounds) and is now pleased to include Lipid Nutrition. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Tempo also operates offices in Montreal and Western Canada.


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