Lipid Nutrition Announces Sponsored Course On For Clarinol(TM) CLA

Sponsored course presents information regarding the benefits of Clarinol™ CLA

Channahon, Ill., June 15, 2004 –Lipid Nutrition, a global leader in lipid-based health ingredients, is proud to announce its sponsored course for Clarinol™ CLA on This sponsored course presents information regarding the benefits of Clarinol™ CLA in promoting effective weight management by reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. Included in the discussion are the mechanisms of action, clinical evidence and the basis that Clarinol™ CLA is not only the highest concentrated form of CLA but the most effective form of CLA as well. To immediately view the sponsored course for Clarinol™ CLA, it can be viewed at is a division of Virgo Publishing. Its mission is to provide online course materials and testing on branded and non-branded ingredients which populate the many shelves of the dietary supplement and functional food retailer. The targeted audience for the online courses include Store Managers, Store Employees, and the owners of independent and franchised health food stores.

“What makes an interesting opportunity for Clarinol™ CLA is that it is attempting to create knowledgeable employees at the retail level and to help ensure customer satisfaction,” said David R. Lewis, Business Unit Manager, North America, for Lipid Nutrition. “If the store employee, manager or owner knows more about a branded ingredient that populates many of the products on the store shelves it helps to ensure accurate communications about the branded ingredient, it helps distinguish their business from the competition and will increase overall customer confidence.”

Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan, is a global leader in the supply of scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin, which improve and maintain health and well-being. The company offers a variety of branded products, including Safflorin™ for immune health, PinnoThin™ for weight management, Marinol™ concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development, Membranol™ phosphatidyl choline enriched lecithin for liver health and memory improvement, and Betapol™ human milk fat substitute for infant nutrition.


Patrick Luchsinger
Lipid Nutrition
[email protected]

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