Lipid Nutrition introduces a new Ingredient

PinnoThin(TM), a new breakthrough appetite suppressant

Baltimore, 3rd May, 2005 - Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan, is the first to succeed in developing a new appetite suppressant product originated from a pure natural product: the Korean pine nut. The company introduces the new ingredient PinnoThin(TM) at the Supply Side East this Thursday May 5th. PinnoThin(TM) suppresses appetite by stimulating the release of the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), that results in the feeling of satiety. The new product will be available from May 2005 worldwide. Independent research by the leading Dutch research agency TNO Health and Food shows PinnoThin(TM) significantly induces CCK release significantly and decreases the desire to eat.

Hormone stimulation
PinnoThin(TM) is derived from small seeds of the Korean pine-nut tree (Pinus koraiensis). Each pine-nut contains 50-60% of oil. The active component is pinolenic acid, one of the major fatty acids present in the Korean pine-nut oil, stimulates the feeling of satiety. PinnoThin(TM) stimulates the hormone that is an important appetite controller. This hormone, cholecystokinin (CCK), is released in our gut in response to PinnoThin(TM). PinnoThin(TM) increases the amount of CCK in the blood and as a result the desire to eat and prospective intake are also less with the use of PinnoThinTM. With a dose of 3 gram it will affect meal size and the amount of food intakes.

Independent research
Lipid Nutrition had extremely promising results with their own research on PinnoThin(TM). To confirm their findings TNO Food and Health conducted an independent research on the usage of PinnoThinTM in the first quarter of 2005. A group of 18 women tested in a randomized cross-over and double blinded study. Capsules were used containing: 3 gram PinnoThin(TM) and a placebo containing 3 gram olive oil. Satiety score and blood parameters linked to satiety like CCK were monitored in the research. The data shows that the amount of the CCK hormone significantly increased. The desire to eat and the prospective food intake scores were less after 30 minutes after using PinnoThin(TM).

About Lipid Nutrition
Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan, is a global leader in the supply of scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin, which improve and maintain health and well-being.

They hold a strong position in weight management products with Clarinol(TM) CLA. Studies have demonstrated that CLA positively affects body mass and has a beneficial effect on lean muscle mass. Next to weight management Lipid Nutrition offers a variety of branded products like SafflorinTM isomerized safflower oil for immune health, MarinolTM concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development, MembranolTM phosphatidyl choline enriched lecithin for liver health and memory improvement and BetapolTM human milk fat substitute for infant nutrition.

For more information on Lipid Nutrition please go to our renewed website:

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