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Lipid Nutrition introduces PinnoThin(TM) Powder

Wormerveer, the Netherlands, 23 April 2008 – Lipid Nutrition, a global leader in lipid-based health ingredients, introduces a new form of their successful appetite suppressant ingredient PinnoThinTM. PinnoThinTM Powder is now available and offers a whole range of new application options for functional food and dietary supplement manufacturers. The new powder disperses easily, has low impact on the taste profile of the end-product and is highly concentrated. With PinnoThinTM available in oil and powder, it offers a wide variety of solutions for all manufacturers, who are seeking a satiety or appetite control product for their markets.

John Kurstjens, Global Marketing Manager of Lipid Nutrition says: “Since the introduction in 2005, PinnoThinTM has exceeded expectations. We are glad to respond to the market need for this new product. Current and potential customers of PinnoThin™ have the opportunity to incorporate it into a variety of new applications in the satiety and appetite suppressant market “

Since its introduction, PinnoThinTM has been incorporated into supplements and a wide range of functional foods like beverages, dairy products, chocolate and bars. “With PinnoThinTM powder we expect many more product launches in functional foods”, says Kurstjens. PinnoThinTM has been introduced in all the major continents.

Vitafoods & Supply Side East introduction
Lipid Nutrition will officially introduce and present PinnoThinTM Powder in North America at the Supply Side East, in Secaucus, New Jersey (April 29 &30) at booth #1701.

Additionally, Lipid Nutrition will officially introduce and present PinnoThinTM Powder in Europe at Vitafoods, Switzerland. (6-8 May). Besides having the product available at the stand (#129) they will also present it during their presentation at the supplier seminar, Wednesday May 7th, 2:35 pm to 3:05 pm. “New Developments open new Doors in the Market”

About PinnoThin™
PinnoThin™ is a multi- awarded ingredient, which is derived from the nuts of the Korean pine tree (Pinus Koraiensis). It stimulates the feeling of satiety by triggering the release of hunger-suppressing hormones CCK (cholecystokinin) and GLP1 (glucagon-like peptide1) in the gut, these act as an important appetite control mechanism.

About Lipid Nutrition
Lipid Nutrition is a global leader in the supply of scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin, which improve and maintain health and well-being. The multi-awarded company holds a strong position in weight management products like Clarinol™ CLA and PinnoThin™. In addition to weight management, Lipid Nutrition offers a variety of branded products like Marinol™ concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development, and Betapol™ human milk fat replacer for infant nutrition.

For more information on Lipid Nutrition and PinnoThin™ please visit our website:

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