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Literature from Roche Vitamins Offers Strategies for Increasing Supplement Potency, Appeal and Profits with Natural Source Vitamin E

(July 31, 2002) – Roche Vitamins, a worldwide leader in delivering innovative solutions for the development of nutritional supplements, has produced a comprehensive literature package that details ways in which supplement manufacturers can build sales by creating products containing Roche Natural Source Vitamin E.

As a company that is continually ahead of its customers’ needs, Roche has obtained valuable insights from consumers in order to help dietary supplement makers explore and develop the kinds of products that consumers are increasingly demanding. Roche has found that over 75% of consumers are already aware that Vitamin E can be an essential ingredient in their health regimen. Furthermore, Roche has learned that 54% of consumers associate Vitamin E with cardiovascular health, while large percentages of consumers associate Vitamin E with other vital wellness benefits including the health of the immune system and cancer prevention.

Roche Natural Source Vitamin E acetate offers optimum potency in both dry and oily forms, which means that supplements containing the ingredient can deliver the maximum health benefits today’s consumers are seeking and also offer the added benefit of decreased capsule or tablet size – making supplements easier to swallow. Another important benefit is the fact that Natural Source Vitamin E offers consumers the choice of taking a natural approach to maintaining health. The end result is added product appeal and greater profit potential for manufacturers.

In its informative new literature package, Roche Vitamins has included a 4-color brochure that explains the growing market opportunities that now exist for products formulated with Natural Source Vitamin E. Also part of the package are several detailed technical sheets covering such topics as the excellent stability of Roche Vitamin E, its physical characteristics, and its consistent performance in supplement processing applications including compressibility and high-speed tableting.

Besides Natural Source Vitamin E, Roche can also supply synthetic forms that can widen application possibilities. In fact, Roche offers the industry’s broadest Vitamin E line, giving supplement makers many options for creating diverse products that include tablets, caplets and soft gels. Roche experts will personally assist manufacturers in formulating supplements containing Vitamin E as well as creating focused marketing strategies based on consumer insights the company has gained.

To obtain the new literature package and to find out more about Roche Natural Source Vitamin E, please contact Roche Vitamins Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054-1298. Phone: 1-800-526-0189, ext. 8338. Fax: 973-257-8472. Website:

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