Litesse® Polydextrose Receives Approval For Use In All Foods and Beverages

Elmsford, New York, August 21, 2007 – Donna Brooks, Regional Director, Sweeteners and Pectin, Danisco USA Inc., is pleased to announce that the Food and Drug Administration has extended its approval of Litesse® polydextrose for use as a bulking agent, formulation aid, humectant, and texturizer in all foods with the exception of meat, poultry, baby foods and infant formulas. The regulation, under 21 CFR 172.841, has been amended to permit the use of polydextrose at GMP levels in virtually all other food and beverage categories.

Danisco USA spearheaded the effort and has attained this Food Additive Petition (FAP) approval from the FDA for Litesse® polydextrose for use beyond previously existing categories.

This approval allows for numerous new possibilities for low calorie, fiber-enriched, reduced sugar, low glycemic foods and beverages made with Litesse® polydextrose, including yogurt, cereal, cookies, crackers, bread, cake, chocolate, candy, ice cream, soft drinks, juice, smoothies, flavored water, sauces, dressings, cheese, snack chip products, and so many more.

As Litesse® polydextrose celebrates 25 years in the marketplace, Danisco is pleased to be able to expand its multiple benefits to many more food categories.

Litesse® is a 1 kcal/gram specialty carbohydrate that offers a wide range of physiological and functional benefits such as:

• Reducing calorie intake
• Replacing sugar and fat while improving flavor, texture and mouthfeel in a wide variety of applications
• Providing prebiotic benefits for improved gut health
• Wide recognition as a dietary fiber
• Unique clean-taste that allows for full perception of flavors
• Satiating effect that may assist in weight management
• Low glycemic advantage making it suitable for consumers, including diabetics, who seeking to control their blood sugar levels

Now, Litesse® is approved for use in almost any food or beverage!

For other information, visit or contact Donna Brooks, at 1-800-255-6837 x2521or you may also contact Maria Garvey, Delfino Marketing Communications at 914-747-1400 or send an email to [email protected].

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With 10,500 employees in more than 40 countries, Danisco is one of the world's leading suppliers of food ingredients, sugar and industrial bioproducts. Based on our technology platform we use nature's own raw materials and resources to develop and produce ingredients for food and other products used in everyday life. Danisco ingredients are used in about every second ice cream and cheese, every third box of detergent and every fourth loaf of bread produced globally.

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