Living Fuel, Inc. Launches CocoChia(TM) Raw Food Bars and Super Health Book at NPEE 2005

(Tampa, Florida) With great taste, incredible health benefits and strong sales growth, Living Fuel, Inc. is becoming a leading company in the Natural Health Industry. And, this year, at Natural Products Expo East 2005, held at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC September 15 through 18, Living Fuel, Inc. will be at booth #3847 to present for the first time its CocoChia™ Raw Food Bars and founder K.C. Craichy’s acclaimed book, Super Health: The Seven Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality. CocoChia™ Raw Food Bars provide healthy fats with great, creamy chocolate taste, and are available in 4 flavors: Original, Double Chocolate, Super Berry™ and Super Seagreens™. Craichy’s celebrated book, Super Health: The Seven Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality offers seven, timeless keys of lifelong health. Craichy himself will be available for book signing on Friday at noon.

The unprocessed whole chia seeds in all 4 flavors of CocoChia™ raw food bars provide a steady, slow-burning source of energy and low temperature coconut gives essential fats the body needs. Certified organic raw almond butter, coconut and chocolate complete CocoChia Snack bars, providing excellent nutrition and great flavor with no sugar added or alcohol.

Each flavor of the bar has its own special twist while still providing all the benefits of the Original. Super Berry contains the health-giving properties of berries and antioxidants; Super Seagreens gives the blood-cleansing, nutrient-rich properties of the most nutrient dense greens and Double Chocolate is coated with a delicious low-glycemic layer of chocolate.

Laying the foundation for lifelong health, Super Health: The Seven Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality debunks old nutritional myths and presents 7 basic principles for living a healthy life: hydration, four corners of optimal nutrition, exercise, effective stress management, sleep, environmental hazards and meditation & prayer. In simple, easy-to-understand language, Craichy explains the Seven Golden Keys and provides the essential tools and simple healthy alternatives for diet and exercise that facilitate a SuperHealth lifestyle. Craichy’s mission is to change lives through a truly “whole person” approach to health that includes nutrition, lifestyle changes, fitness, spirituality and much more.

Super Health: The Seven Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality has received praise from doctors, and professional athletes alike. Four-time Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist Dara Torres declares, “The Seven Golden Keys are an essential part of my training regimen. This program combines leading nutrition and solid holistic health principles that enable my body to thrive.” And Dr. Scott K. Hannen, author of Healing by Design, states that, “K.C. is a tremendous communicator of clear, concise and clinically accurate facts for improving and enhancing one’s overall quality of health. His recommendations are well balanced and his information is vast, yet personalized and doable.”

Living Fuel’s quality products are meticulously designed with integrity and fresh, all natural ingredients. Its product line includes: Super Greens and Super Berry™ whole meal superfoods; Omega 3&E™ antioxidant protected fish oil caplets; CocoChia™ Snack Mix and Raw Food Bars; TheraSweet™ all natural therapeutic sweetener; and Pure D&A™ Sunshine Gel Caps. For more information about Living Fuel, contact Scott Eibel, President [email protected] 866-580-3835 or call Christie Communications at 805-565-4122.

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