Living a Healthy Life Requires Moving To a Low Glycemic Diet

“Net Carbs” Give way to Low Glycemic “Smart Carbs”

CANADA . . . October 8, 2004 . . . Solo GI Nutrition is launching the first low glycemic line of food bars containing containing “smart carbohydrates” to help millions of Americans maintain a healthy weight and support life-long heath. Low glycemic nutrition represents a scientific refinement and evolution of the low-carb lifestyle, offering a healthy alternative to the current net carb approach. Expo East visitors will be able to sample bars and obtain additional information at the Solo GI Nutrition booth #2556.

“Science is now demonstrating that low glycemic nutrition plays an important role in body weight regulation and helping consumers manage their energy and ultimately their health,” states Dr. Branka Barl, Solo GI Nutrition’s Chief Scientist. “Making smart food choices that substitute a low glycemic food item for a high one is a step in the direction towards improved health and enhanced performance.”

“Until now it has been difficult for consumers to find a carbohydrate snack or meal replacement that could fit into a low glycemic diet,” said Saul Katz, CEO of Solo GI Nutrition. “We are proud to be the first company to offer the public clinically validated low glycemic bars with exceptional taste.” The Solo GI™ brand of revolutionary bars in five delicious flavors (Peanut Power, Berry Bliss, Chocolate Charger, Mint Mania and Lemon Lift) contain good carbs, natural ingredients, 23 vitamins and minerals, no sugar alcohol, no hydrogenated or trans fats, and Solo GI™ proprietary blends of protein and fiber.

Dr. Barl emphasizes that “Solo GI™ low glycemic carb bars are ideal for weight management as they are portion and calorie controlled delivering a fixed glycemic load.” She continues, “low glycemic index (GI) foods are generally digested more slowly, allowing for the gradual release of dietary sugar, providing sustained energy and making you feel full and satisfied longer.

Dr. Vladimir Vuksan, a leading expert in glycemic index research, Associate Professor in Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Medicine, University of Toronto, notes that “high glycemic index (GI) foods can have adverse effects on blood sugar and insulin levels that are associated with many undesirable heath conditions. In contrast, low GI foods offer a safe, effective and long term approach to weight management and overall health.”

Not all carbohydrates are created equally. They vary greatly in their rate of digestion, absorption and effects on blood glucose and insulin levels. The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrates based on their immediate effect on blood sugar (blood glucose). Carbohydrates that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest GI levels. Low GI foods produce the smallest rise in blood sugar. Anything below 55 is considered to have a low GI rating.

SOLO GI Nutrition is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition (, a leader in functional food research and development. At Solo GI Nutrition, we care about the well-being of people and strive to provide superior food choices. By applying our patent pending low glycemic index technology in the Solo GI™ line of nutrition products, we are "raising the bar" for healthy, natural, great tasting and nutritious products. For more information regarding the advantages of low glycemic nutrition, please visit

Solo GI™ is a trademark of Solo GI Nutrition Inc.


Saul Katz,

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