Loders Croklaan Announces Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The lawsuit charges that the processes Natural uses to manufacture its dietary nutritional supplement, Tonalin CLA, infringes two Loders Croklaan patents.

Loders Croklaan is seeking monetary damages for Natural’s infringement of its patents and an injunction prohibiting Natural from infringing its patents in the future.

“These patents are important to Loders Croklaan, and we believe it is important to protect our intellectual property against infringement,” said Aat Visser, Loders Croklaan’s General Manager for Lipid Nutrition.

Loders Croklaan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty oils and fats, and supplier of nutritional lipids based on sound science. The Clarinol™ brand represents CLA of Loders Croklaan for body weight management. Loders Croklaan has a long-standing tradition of quality and innovation in the nutritional field and has pioneered products and processes with enormous health benefits, from enhanced immunity to cholesterol reduction to aiding in the metabolism of dietary fat.

For more information please contact:
North America Office:

Mr. D. Lewis
Business Unit Manager
Loders Croklaan USA LLC

24708 W. Durkee Road
Illinois 60410-5249

Tel +1 815.730.5200
Fax +1 815.730.5202
E-mail [email protected]
Internet www.lipidnutrition.com

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