Loders Croklaan Lipid Nutrition Changes Name, Unveils New Corporate Image

WORMERVEER, THE NETHERLANDS, October 1, 2003 – The division of Loders Croklaan formerly known as Loders Croklaan Lipid Nutrition modified its name to Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan. This change was made to emphasize the company’s primary business focus: its specialization and leadership position in developing and marketing lipid-based health ingredients for the functional food and dietary supplement industries. The change is accompanied by an image overhaul that includes a new modern, contemporary logo and will extend to all of the company’s marketing communication and other materials.

“Our new corporate image reflects the aggressive marketing approach Lipid Nutrition is implementing since being sold by Unilever,” said Katinka Abbenbroek, Global Marketing Manager. “We are committed to building brand awareness and loyalty for our products, all of which have resulted from our intensive lipid research program.”

Lipid Nutrition worked with Santa Rosa-based Armstrong Associates, a firm that specializes in developing corporate and brand images, on creating the company’s “image blueprint.” Key among the changes being implemented is the introduction of a new corporate logo. A significant departure from the green and yellow that defined the company’s previous logo, Lipid Nutrition’s bold and contemporary new logo features red and black to depict its energy and substantial, definitive presence in the industry. Lipid Nutrition will debut a new tradeshow booth at SupplySide East in October, to formally introduce its new image. An updated Lipid Nutrition Web site, found at www.lipidnutrition.com, is scheduled to launch sometime in 2004. The new corporate look and aggressive marketing approach extend to the company’s product brands, as well. Moving forward, corporate marketing materials for such products as Clarinol™ CLA, Marinol™ fish oil concentrates, Safflorin™ isomerized safflower oil and Membranol™ fractionated lecithin will all embrace the new image.

“This is a comprehensive and all-encompassing effort, designed to maximize the potential of our products and our company,” saidAbbenbroek.

Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan is a global leader in the supply of lipid-based health ingredients (nutritionally active components of oils and fats). The company offers a variety of branded products that have resulted from their lipid research program, including: Clarinol™, CLA for weight management and immune system support; Marinol™, fish oil concentrates (Omega-3, EPA, DHA) for cardiovascular health, brain development and joint health; Safflorin, an Isomerized Safflower Oil for immunity, Membranol™, fractionated lecithin (Phosphatidyl Choline) for cardiovascular health, liver health and memory improvement; and Betapol™, human milk fat replacers for baby food. Headquartered in Wormerveer, The Netherlands, the company has dedicated manufacturing facility and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. More information about Lipid Nutrition and its products can be found on the Internet at www.lipidnutrition.com. Additional information about its CLA product, Clarinol™ can be found at www.clarinol.com.

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