Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. Taps into Big Pharma’s Best Kept Secret for Marketing and Selling to the Healthcare Practitioner

Brookfield, WI-June 23, 2003- Longevity Through Prevention announced today that they are offering to conduct peer-to-peer advisory sessions exclusively for nutraceutical businesses interested in tapping into or expanding their business in the Practitioner Market. LTP has coined the phrase “Natural Product Advisory Sessions™” to describe this service. Joining forces with experts who offer this innovative sales/marketing service to “Big Pharma,” LTP has designed and perfected a program that meets the unique needs of nutraceutical companies interested in the practitioner distribution channel.

When asked about the value of these Natural Product Advisory Sessions™, Noah Miller, President of LTP said, “Now more than ever, nutritional supplement companies have a significant incentive to market their existing products, or a complementary line of products, exclusively to the healthcare practitioner market. Natural Product Advisory Sessions™ offer an intelligible means of establishing a nutraceutical company as one rooted in science, known for marketing scientifically sound products. They create and foster lasting relationships between practitioner and nutraceutical company, which translates into increased sales. Further, the ROI to companies that employ these peer-to-peer advisory sessions is estimated at roughly 120% after 10 months of use.”

LTP maintains a proprietary database of select CAM practitioners interested in participating in peer-to-peer Natural Product Advisory Sessions™ that includes specific prescribing behavior, natural product brand preferences, practice scope and daily patient loads.

About Longevity Through Prevention

Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. is a business-to-business consulting firm that offers turnkey research, marketing, sales, technology and business solutions to the nutraceutical industry. LTP offers peer-to-peer Natural Product Advisory Sessions™ exclusively to nutritional supplement companies interested in increasing sales or tapping into the Practitioner Market. The company can be reached toll free at (866) 587-4622 or on-line at http://www.ltponline.com.

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