Low-Net Carb Workshop Scheduled May 17-18 in Chicago.

March 16, 2004 – The American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), in collaboration with Pizzey’s Milling (Angusville, MB) will host a 2-day workshop on the practical challenges of low-net carb product development on May 17-18 at the Radisson Hotel-O’Hare (Chicago). Targeted to product developers, business owners, marketers and technology suppliers, the Workshop, titled “How Low Can You Go? Practical Solutions for Formulating Low-Carb Foods”, will explore technical and analytical challenges, legal and marketing issues pertinent to the continued evolution of Low-Net Carb foods, addressing the key question: “What’s next?” Presentations will address the hands-on challenges posed by specific product categories and ingredient systems. For more information, visit the AACC website at www.aaccnet.org or tel. (651) 454 – 7250.

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