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Low Sodium Diet Now Possible With AlsoSalt®

Maple Valley, WA May 7, 2008 -- Now a low sodium diet can have flavor using sodium free AlsoSalt. AlsoSalt offers the taste of salt without the health risks of sodium. It is completely sodium free without the bitter aftertaste all the other salt substitutes have.

While salt substitutes have been available for decades, all have an undesirable, metallic aftertaste. AlsoSalt is different. It is all natural and created through a patented formulation that effectively masks that aftertaste. It tastes great and it is healthy. AlsoSalt not only helps reduce sodium in the diet while enjoying the taste of salt, it provides nutrients that are essential for good health.

You can cook and bake with it or simply sprinkle it on food. When a recipe requires salt, you can use AlsoSalt instead. Add it to low sodium or no salt added packaged foods to improve their flavor.

Concerned with the apparent link between high sodium intake and high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health conditions, physicians often prescribe a low or no sodium diet. Yet, they know people have difficulty giving up the taste of salt. In an effort to help their patients adhere to their diet, doctors and dietitians across the United States are recommending and distributing sample packets of AlsoSalt.

AlsoSalt is available in 3 flavors; original, butter flavored, and garlic flavored. It is sold in shaker bottles in the spice section in many grocery stores across the country. The shaker bottles and individual serving packets are also sold online with free shipping at

It is also available in bulk quantity for commercial purposes. "Using AlsoSalt, the food industry has the ability to remove or substantially reduce the sodium content in many processed foods while maintaining the salty flavor" states CEO Joan Watsabaugh. "They can, in effect, take the salt out while leaving the flavor in."

For more information on AlsoSalt, low sodium diet tips, the sodium content of foods, and much more, visit

AlsoSalt holds patents worldwide.

AlsoSalt, LLC PO Box 953 Maple Valley, WA 98038 * email:

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