Lowcarb Living Magazine Introduces 'Total Carb Count Certification' Program

BACARDI Superior First Brand Awarded “TCCC Seal”

With dozens of new low-carb foods arriving on supermarket shelves every week, many consumers need help understanding the carbohydrate claims on labels. LowCarb Living magazine, the first magazine devoted to living the low-carb lifestyle, has just created a valuable tool to help consumers as they shop.

According to LowCarb Living’s publisher Jim Capparell, president of CappMedia Inc. in Berkeley, CA, the magazine now offers a “Total Carb Count Certification” (TCCC) Seal Program to manufacturers. The magazine has their products tested and evaluated by independent laboratories to verify the accuracy of their total carbohydrate claims. Products that pass the testing process receive the magazine’s TCCC seal, which can be used on the product label and in its advertising.

BACARDI Superior is the first product to be awarded LowCarb Living’s TCCC seal, communicating the brand’s 0 carb count. Several other products are currently in the testing phase of the certification process, according to Capparell.

The independent laboratories doing the testing use methodology, verification and protocol designed by LowCarb Living in consultation with the leading food technology and testing laboratories in the country, according to Capparell.

“The Total Carb Count Certification program reflects LowCarb Living’s commitment to truth and accuracy in carbohydrate labeling,” said Capparell. “Presently, food products are labeled with many different types of carbohydrate counts. Often, the consumer is confused by vague or seemingly contradictory terminology. Our seal will certify the total carbohydrate count, which the estimated 35 million American consumers following low-carb regimens can understand and trust for use in meal planning. “

LowCarb Living magazine debuted on newsstands January 20, 2004 with 87,000 copies and distribution soared to 220,000 with the second issue of the bimonthly. A total of 300,000 copies of the May/June issue will be distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada with an on-sale date of May 11. CappMedia applied for an audit of the March/April issue by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

“The amazing reader response to LowCarb Living proves that millions of Americans living the low-carb lifestyle crave information and support,” says Capparell. “More than 600 low carb products were introduced in the last quarter of 2003 alone. With new low-carb products entering the marketplace weekly, a trustworthy label supported by recognized scientific standards is an important step in ensuring consumer confidence.”

Dedicated to helping this dynamic, enthusiastic segment of the population, LowCarb Living provides inspiration and solid advice on all aspects of the low-carb lifestyle, from dining in, dining out, nutrition and health, to new products, recipes, exercise, home entertaining, fashion and travel.

LowCarb Living is published in Berkeley, CA by CappMedia, Inc.

UPDATE: 12/13/2005 - Lowcarb Magazine published by CappMedia is no longer circulated.


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